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poem-winding January 6, 2017

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The vehicles wind along the highway

a immobile caterpillar

stalled by a moment

when the physics of motion, energy, and force

spun unfortunates into each other’s path

with a crash

that froze the goings

and made everyone in the long line

contemplate mortality.




The stretch of the TransCanada Highway between Sicamous and Salmon Arm is a frequent site of accidents.  I usually count on having to detour from work 3 times each winter.  Today was the third, and there are 2 months of winter left.  Our thoughts are with those who were involved in the accident, and medi-vacced out.


poem-moment June 15, 2016

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In a moment

everything she thought she’d be

was sliced away.

In a moment

simple expectations yielded

to new arrays.

In a moment

opportunity seized her hand

to her dismay.

In a moment

foolish disappointments

were child’s play.

In a moment

her entire future was pulled

onto a new pathway.



poem- in a minute June 22, 2015

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In a minute

we can rage

strife chagrin

strife mend

In a minute

all can change

life begin

life end.

In a minute

In a second





RIP Mickey. Can’t believe it.

(We lost one of our former grads today.  😥 )


poem-hard January 16, 2015

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He relies on the strength

of her heart strings.

She winds them around him

to hold him together

when he might rattle apart

in the shaking, quaking  times.

When she is weak and broken,

when she can not stretch her arms,

wide enough

to wrap heart strings around him,

he trembles and crumbles


When she is weak and broken,

he does not consider

that he could pretend

to be strong.

He could hold her heart strings,

and spin into her.


poem-royal treatment January 8, 2015

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Dogs snore

beside me as I lie

white plastered foot

elevated on pillows like a crown.

Royal pain.


poem- what June 27, 2014

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When his gaze

met hers

across the room,


he meant to say

with his wink

was, ‘You entrance me’

‘I want to know you.’

‘I will fill your life with joy.’

But when she looked


tears poured down his cheeks,

while he blinked feverishly,

so she looked away,

toward another sultry smile.

When his gaze

met hers

across the room,

he had much to convey

with his winking eye

but all his dreams

were destroyed

by a  lens-bound fly.




poem- duck! May 2, 2014

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The men blaze the trail

boldly go forward

willing to risk

to achieve the destination.

And so today

mallard male zips across the highway

boldly flapping, barely

missing the VW missile

travelling 100 km/hr.

Not so fortunate his lady friend

flapping five feet behind.


sometimes it is unwise

to blindly follow your mate.


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