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poem- My watering can has a leak April 30, 2020

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I race through the living room

hand cupping drips

rushing toward the sink,

but my right foot finds a puddle

and flings itself forward

I contort in a frenzied downward dance

still clutching that can,

twist an ankle,

stretch a thigh,

descend in slow motion

as husband stands agog,

an astonished witness.

Look!  I skinned my knee! 

We wonder together how that

particular injury came to be.

I limp to the sink, feeling four once more,

glad not to be picking gravel from the wound,

Look for leak-free watering options,

and try the task again.

Battered and bemused,

life goes on.


poem-momentary June 14, 2017

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I’m walking away from this rain

The painful splashes digging out the flowerbeds

splattering on my head.

I’m walking away.

I’m walking toward the glow

The sun shining joy of divining

possibility.  Live ’til you’re dead

I know you know time folds

when old friends meet.

I’m walking toward the momentary

treat of seeing you.

Dreams in mind, I’m walking ahead.


poem- in a minute June 22, 2015

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In a minute

we can rage

strife chagrin

strife mend

In a minute

all can change

life begin

life end.

In a minute

In a second





RIP Mickey. Can’t believe it.

(We lost one of our former grads today.  😥 )


poem- golden April 24, 2015

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We are in a golden land:

A singular moment in time.

Everything glows.

We are our best

You are your best

We have created something beautiful,

something brilliant,

something ephemeral

that we wish to hold,

to savour,

to celebrate.

All we can to do is notice

this golden moment

and bask in the glow

until it’s faded away.

All we can do is be thankful

we are here.



This is dedicated to my colleagues at ERS.  We have such an amazing school, full of laughter and community, but the cuts to funding mean that some of what makes us amazing will shortly end.  

There are so many moments like this in our lives.  It can happen when we come together with like-minds at a conference or festival, for example.  Theatre productions are usually like this.  We come together and magic happens.  We glory at what we are part of, knowing that a component of its beauty is that it will not last, and hoping that while it exists, it makes a difference to those we touch.


poem-here September 5, 2014

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every time I pass this place

I smile, remembering you

right here

with me.



(WordPress says this is my 1600th post on this blog)


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