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Interviews July 27, 2018

Here are links to media interviews Shawn has done:

  • August 2018 Fish Bowl Radio Network Writer’s Edge with McKensie Stewart.
  • August 2018 The Ab-Ootlander (Alberta Outlander fans) did a book club of Murdering Mr Edwards and then joined me for a livestream on my Facebook page. It’s very chatty.  I play the harp (badly). 😉
  • July 2018 AuthorAssist with Karina Kantos in Greece!  Author and playwright Bruce Solheim is the first half of this interview. Shawn’s interview begins at 38 minutes. AuthorAssist
  • April 2018 CJRU with Jacky of All My Books.
  • April 2018 The Writers’ Edge youtube with Christie interviewing Coffin Hop authors
  • April 2018 Video greetings to folks at the official Coffin Hop Launch of Infractus, Rocket Ryder and Little Putt-Putt Go Down Swinging, and Murdering Mr. Edwards
  • March 2018 Blog interview with Mandy Barnett



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