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Great Reads August 8, 2011

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Professional Reader

I read a lot.  Depending how busy other things are, I range from 100 to 200 books each year.  I am a reader for Netgalley, writing advanced reviews for new releases from mostly big-name publishers.

I love hanging out on and finding all sorts of great books to read or to recommend to my students.  Every new book is a new adventure for me to live.

Here are my ratings and reviews. 

I keep trying to bring the features that connect all my reviews, etc to this blog, but apparently WordPress doesn’t allow that sort of thing.  So instead, you’ll just have to click on that link, and read the reviews and ratings over on Goodreads.

On the other hand, I talk books all the time here, reflecting on quotes, analysing themes, etc.  Those blogs can be found by clicking on Literature or Reading under Categories there on the right.

Sometimes I review books here on the blog.  Those reviews can be found here:



New feature coming soon!  

I have contacts with all sorts of interesting authors these days.  Watch this space for some virtual author visits.    🙂


21 Responses to “Great Reads”

  1. josieb222 Says:

    Have you ever read “The Book Thief” It’s probably my favorite book besides The Hunger Games

  2. shreid2013 Says:

    I believe I’ve read ‘the Book Thief’, but I’ll have to look it up in the library to refresh my memory, but if it is the one I’m thinking about I enjoyed it. I was in a Library book club and we never knew what the monthly book was going to be. It introduced us to books we might never have read.

    • It is a wonderful book, with beautiful poetic prose. Very profound. I’m glad my student introduced it to me. Thanks Robyn!

      • Sheth's Perspective Says:

        It’s so touching as well! 🙂
        I’m a fan of Goodreads, too… It helps keep my ‘reading’ organized. I’ll surely be checking out your book reviews!

  3. Patricia Ann Says:

    I have just published a book. How do I get it on Goodreads? And thank you for liking my newest blog. 🙂

  4. M.C. Scripturus Says:

    It would be very nice if WordPress were to expand it’s compatibility with Goodreads, perhaps there is a way we might be able to make this recommendation?

  5. My 2 poodles sleeping here also snort their amusement

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