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poem-present February 18, 2018

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A present for her

that’s really for him.

A present for him

that’s really for her.

Who needs a gift, really?

Presence is enough.


poem- ukulele beats February 13, 2018

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So… this is a (parody) Beatnik style spoken word piece.  In place of the bongos (or in addition to them) you have to insert an ukulele riff between the lines.  I ‘wrote’ this while a student was walking through the halls past my class room, wailing away–heavy metal style–on his ukulele…  (We don’t ask why he was soooooo far from the band room. Obviously it was so he could inspire poetry!)

PS. Call it an oo-koo-lay-lay, please, NOT a you-kah-lay-lee.



The ukuleles are out walkin’

(insert riff)

Rockin’ to the beat

(power chord)

Tropical heat

(power chord)

Seat of pants stalkin’


Ukulele tuneful wailin’

to the whales


Ukulele layin’ on the vibe

Make us come alive.

(power chord)

It’s a gas, man.

Ukulele laughin’ gas, man

(longer riff)

Listen to what I say,

Take the ukulele way

of peace,


(power chord).




Groovy, dude.





poem-middle February 12, 2018

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You were middle aged

when we were twenty-seven,

but we didn’t know.

I feel like I am just beginning,

but you have ended.

I can not get my head around

this unexpected cutting

of a thread that should still be winding

through our tapestry.


poem- sheets February 11, 2018

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The sheets are clean,

fresh outside,

brought in,

crisp newness,

start again.

Wait for you,

to dint the pillow,

breathe deeply in sleep,

inhale promise,

clean sheets.


poem-choices February 10, 2018

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You’re right,

of course.

The girl’s got skills.

She works a room with flare,

engages crowds confidently.

You want her in your corner,

unless of course,

she reveals your inadequacies,

tramples your manly ideas,

and overwhelms.

The public thinks she’s wonderful.

The contrast between you

crackles.  Can you let her go?

Or should you hold her close?



A poem for a character, as I’m working on Lydia Mode today.  Lydia the artist is too capable by half.  Poor Dustin.  She is not making his world easy.




poem-flying February 8, 2018

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Fleance dreams of flight,

soaring on outstretching wings

into a moonlit night,

No day trips for him, he’s heard things

about flying too near the sun.

Day is for escape, for climbing,

Peaks ascending, journeys begun,

At sunset (it’s all about the timing)

he leaps into red glowing,

falls on moon rise

spreads his wings, catches winds flowing

embraces skies,

Wonders at all he does espy

and murmurs “Fly, Good Fleance! Fly!”


Author interview: me!

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I was recently interviewed by David from the TOO FULL TO WRITE blog.  Check it out!