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haiku-still March 12, 2018

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Diva Winter grips

her sequined white cloak. Clinging,

while we wish for Spring.


poem- breaking March 9, 2018

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For Danielle, with love


Breaking heart

Taking future

Making mockery

I doubt the happy start,

wrapped in a painful ending,

rending all I believed,

feeling deceived

by the life we’d conceived.

Paths onward wending,

sending me,

setting me free.

Taking me,

creating me,

letting me


Breaking past,

Taking a stance,

Making me dance.






poem-care March 8, 2018

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She shouldn’t care more about you

than you do yourself.

Your success should be on your shoulders

not on hers.

She can guide, support, aid,

but you must do the work,

think the thoughts, stretch your brain,

believe you can.

There is no easy way.

You need to care enough to be your best,

trust the tools and safe venue for risk,

let her cheer from the side,

as she watches you ride

away into your future.

You need to trust, this isn’t a place

to stay.


poem- gift March 5, 2018

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You are gifting her a world

that lifts her out of poverty

You are giving her life

to live possibility.

You are rising her up

along with her family

Your gift of tuition

re-creates her reality.



The SAS Interact Club (a high school club, associated with Rotary) is paying tuition for a girl to attend high school in Kenya.  In Kenya the government only educates free to grade 8, after that, families must find about $750 a year for tuition.  Families with many children or living as subsistence farmers have no way to educate their children to the levels that can lift them from poverty.  The students in question come from Barani Primary School.  The sponsorships are supervised by Shuswap Rotary Club and Mombasa Rotary.  If you are interested in sponsoring a student yourself, (100% goes to the students, there are no administration fees) see the contact info at  We have been working with Barani for several years.


poem-imperfection March 1, 2018

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I only dream

that the first time is the only time

to do something.

I only dream

that no one can find complaint

omission or regret.

I only dream

of polished perfection

in momentary introspection.

I only dream

and roll my eyes

at expectation of perfection

your rejection of infallibility

is nothing to do with me.


poem-present February 18, 2018

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A present for her

that’s really for him.

A present for him

that’s really for her.

Who needs a gift, really?

Presence is enough.


poem- ukulele beats February 13, 2018

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So… this is a (parody) Beatnik style spoken word piece.  In place of the bongos (or in addition to them) you have to insert an ukulele riff between the lines.  I ‘wrote’ this while a student was walking through the halls past my class room, wailing away–heavy metal style–on his ukulele…  (We don’t ask why he was soooooo far from the band room. Obviously it was so he could inspire poetry!)

PS. Call it an oo-koo-lay-lay, please, NOT a you-kah-lay-lee.



The ukuleles are out walkin’

(insert riff)

Rockin’ to the beat

(power chord)

Tropical heat

(power chord)

Seat of pants stalkin’


Ukulele tuneful wailin’

to the whales


Ukulele layin’ on the vibe

Make us come alive.

(power chord)

It’s a gas, man.

Ukulele laughin’ gas, man

(longer riff)

Listen to what I say,

Take the ukulele way

of peace,


(power chord).




Groovy, dude.