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poem- changes September 28, 2022

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Trust is broken

Sunshine days form golden hues

Begin new season



This is a Collom lune, a triplet poem with lines of 3, 5, 3 words.


poem- Walking the plank on a sinking ship September 26, 2022

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Step. Pause.

Step. Pause.

Step. Pause.

I hear the wedding march.

Step. Pause.

Step. Pause.

This isn’t going to go well.

Step. Pause.

Step. Pause.

Step. Splash.


Not well at all.





poem-autumn September 25, 2022

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A Kelly lune:

Leaves falling:

summer’s glorious



A Kelly lune is a triplet poem with syllable count of 3, 5, 3.


poem- sovereign treochair September 23, 2022

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Such service you have given
Commonwealth family.

Those corgis
Standing as the hearse went by
Gave for love’s sake, happily.

Crowds gather to say farewell
Long service in sovereignty.
A treochair is an Irish poetry form. Triplet stanzas have an A, B, A rhyme scheme and 3, 7, 7 syllable count.


Poem-perfect picks September 22, 2022

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Another tautogram poem, this time on the letter P.



Penelope phones Philip.


Probably? Possibly?

Philip’s philosophisizes prior panegyric’s painful.

Penelope ponders Philip’s preachy palaver,

Parsing phrases, puzzling prosody:
Pasty poetry. 

Pall permeates.

Penelope’s perky, pretty, popular.

Point: Penelope’s perversely pitiful picking Philip! Plough politeness Penelope!  Possess proper prize!
Princely prospects prove perfect!
Pitch Philip! Pick pyrotechnics!



A tautogram (Greek: taut-same, gram-letter) is a poem in which every word starts with the same letter. Unlike alliteration, the words do not have to sound the same.


poem-spooky September 21, 2022

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A spooky tautogram:

She saw something.
Some small, slithering something
Sang soft serenades.
Surrounding sounds: snuffling, snorting.
Someone slides stealthily.
She’s somewhere spooky,
Sometimes scary:

A tautogram (Greek: taut=same, gram=letter) is a poem where all the words begin with the same letter, though not necessarily the same sound. They should be both grammatical and sensical.


poem- What wind brings September 20, 2022

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What wind brings

Don’t wrap this silence in your memory

Gather the fallen


Your departure: a beginning.

Going means coming to understand

Summer wildfires

Sometimes ashes fall

Sometimes rains wash everything


Sometimes snow rises to the eaves

Don’t wrap this silence in your memory.

There’s something new on the breeze.


poem-split September 18, 2022

Broken heart,
How has this child crushed hope,
Torn relationship apart?

You’re a ghost.
They don’t give a damn these days;
Occasional text at most.

Maybe time
will heal whatever lies here,
Give grace, pass this pantomime.

This is a treochair poem. The triplet stanzas have an ABA rhyme scheme, a 3, 7, 7 syllable count, and alliteration.


poem- entitlement September 17, 2022

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Listen to the shouting,

as if increased volume

was proof of rightness.

Oh, the indignation!

when thinking’s challenged!

Everyone and everything

set to deliberately hold

them back! Poor things.

Their whole lives they

have had it all for the asking.

Expectation is dangerous.

What a shock to face

the reality that  the words

they write and the stories

they tell aren’t as brilliant

or ground-breaking as they

imagine. How hard to face

their incredible mediocrity.

Their frustrated ranting just

reveals the content of their

character is also



poem-less anxious September 16, 2022

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Dark dusky sky

Gulls cry

Gliding by, wings wiping at air

Diving down to thieve

Thoughts of tomorrow

Wasting no worries

On what might not be.


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