Shawn L. Bird

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Murdering Mr. Edwards February 8, 2018

One obnoxious English teacher.  Twelve tales of his death.  


Coming April 10th, 2018 from Coffin Hop Press.

The official launch event was in Calgary on April 19.  As I was not able to attend in person, I sent a video.  Here it is!


Praise for Murdering Mr. Edwards:

“If you’ve ever taught in a high school, attended a high school, or even driven past a high school, you will enjoy Murdering Mr. Edwards.”

Chris McMahen, teacher-librarian, author of Box of Shocks, Tabloidology, & Klutzhood

“A clever, funny and totally  engaging noir-vella! Loved it!”

Diana Gabaldon, author of Outlander

 “If you have never, ever considered murdering someone, then you have never worked in a high school.”

Scott Anderson, Shawn’s former principal

    Featuring tales by

the art teacher, the chemistry teacher, the computer techie, the custodian, the drama teacher, the French teacher, the Home Ec teacher, the phys ed teacher, the physics teacher, the principal, the secretary, and the wood shop teacher.

If I were to include a bonus story in the newsletter, what additional story would you like to see?  Student’s tale? Auto shop teacher’s tale?  Math teacher’s tale?  Or ?

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