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poem-lingers April 10, 2017

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It’s all just possibility,

isn’t it?

The hopes

The dreams

The wishes.

What ifs that linger about us

orbiting like electrons, protons, neutrons

Actively giving us


if only we can combine the other elements

to bring them to reality.


19 Responses to “poem-lingers”

  1. magarisa Says:

    Love this! The part about combining elements is particularly clever. I’m fascinated by quantum physics and its exploration of potential.

  2. prior.. Says:

    well said, S.
    the what ifs do linger….

  3. The oxygen that drives will power is key.

  4. Mrs MP Says:

    The perpetual dance through my mind! ❤

  5. Simon Says:

    I love the thinking on this… It sounds like we need the force! Lol

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