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poem-dancing with myself January 12, 2018

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I walk into music

pick up a beat,

meld my steps,

add a sashay, a little sway,

swing those hips,

tilt the lips,

I urge you from your seat,

dance out of the scene

find our rhythm,

Carry on.



poem- belittled January 10, 2018

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Short temper erupts

Tiny trouble surrounds

Small smiles: faked.

Insidious misogeny ignored

We knew.

#MeToo told us nothing new.

Those men want us to

Be little.

But something’s brewing.

It’s going to be big.




poem-boxes January 9, 2018

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Boxed up

memories, wrapped carefully

in torn tissue paper,

worn over years.

Boxed up

histories, revisited annually-

unwrapping melancholy,

tying it on a tree.


quote- writers January 5, 2018

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“Writers are different,” said Waldegrave.  “I’ve never met one who was any good who wasn’t screwy.”

~Robert Galbraith (aka J. K. Rowling) in The Silkworm.

Uh oh!


poem-new January 1, 2018

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And here begins

another new calendar,

Yesterday just the same,

but everything new, they say.

No hurt to take today

to contemplate,

what has been,

what is,

what may be.

No hurt to take today,

to ruminate,

to declare

that this twelve months

will bring unprecedented


successes beyond expectation,

joys that cause hearts to sparkle,

health in abundance.

This twelve months

will bring contentment

and satisfaction


and celebration.


poem- gifts December 25, 2017

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It’s not the boxes,

the wait for the mail,

some dream little thing.

All that’s wanted

is you:

the slice of your heart,

the being known

by you,

being loved

by you,

being held

by you.

There is no greater gift;

your genuine love

is all that’s wanted

beneath the tree

this Christmas.


poem- December 24, 2017

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Some of us

have more to contain

to be little rays of sunshine,

day to day,

but that doesn’t mean

it doesn’t do us more good

to be sunshine

than for us to complain

about our rain.