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Writing Better Fiction August 13, 2019

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Writing Better Fiction:
Craft Tips from some of Canada’s Best Writers and Editors.

(ed. Brent Nichols).

WritingBetterFiction2019-BeginningI am delighted to have an article in this excellent anthology.  Many writers have contributed articles with advice and strategies on a wide variety of topics.  It’s a great value and is a fundraiser for the Robin Herrington Memorial Short Story Contest, which is also brilliant.

Click the cover for a link to Amazon.

Check it out!



  • Beginning: Shawn L. Bird
  • The blank page: Brent Nichols
  • The what, who, why when, and how of writing prompts: M. Jane Colette
  • Ine initial surface problem and the story-worthy problem: Sally McBride
  • Point of view: Robert J. Sawyer
  • Villains and conflicts: Ron S. Friedman
  • Pornstar cleaning?! Where writers get their ideas: Tim Reynolds
  • Writer’s block: Hayden Trenholm
  • Writing formats-the keys to your potential: J. Paul Cooper
  • The mice quotient and the structure of genre: Renee L. Bennett
  • Researching history and using historical sources: D. E. Wright
  • Writing stronger scenes: Ace Jordyn
  • 44 tips for  effective dialogue: Craig diLouie
  • Dangle your modifiers: Randy Nikkel Schroeder
  • Elemental tales: Jim Jackson
  • The gentle art of giving and receiving critiques: The imaginative fiction writers’ association
  • How do I know it’s a rough draft? Barb Galler-Smith
  • The art of writing: Josephine LoRe
  • Advanced editing techniques for immersive fiction: Swati Chavda
  • Stories with spine: J. E. Barnard
  • Get out of your head! Sandra Hurst
  • In praise of the flat arc: Lise Brassard
  • Description-when less is more: Robert Runte, PhD
  • Three steps to move from telling to showing: Mahrie G. Reid
  • Ten steps after “The End” Adria Laycroft
  • Business plans for authors: Sandra Fitzpatrick
  • Getting to the next level: Liz Westbrook-Trenholm










poetry- Love, Life, Hope NEW BOOK! July 27, 2019

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I am pleased to announce a new poetry book!  If you enjoy the poetry on the blog, you can buy a paperback from Amazon:



poem- light July 11, 2019

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Your smile has no illumination,

no dancing twinkle draws the eyes.

What lies will you tell today, when someone

asks if everything is okay?


poem- later July 10, 2019

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I expected

in my youth

a natural ending.

You railed against presumption.



Hyperbole spun us out,

Now our orbits can’t intersect.

I was okay with that,

until I wasn’t.

We’re not supposed to break promises,

even irrelevant ones.

Curse nostalgia.


poem- didn’t say July 9, 2019

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He didn’t say it.

Not on the day

or the day after, when he used to remember.

No more embers. glowing.

Not hanging on the threads anymore, I just realized.

How strange when forever

truly dies.


poem-road June 23, 2019

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Win win you think

and she knows your thoughts,

that you don’t imagine

hers differ.

They do.

She wants you, coming and going.

Sit beside for both parts of the journey,

find moments of connection

have those conversations

that are skipped in the day to day.

Those too rare times when you’re together

with nothing to do but hear each other.

She wants words and laughter and plans.

You leave early.  A note on the counter:

meet you there.

She puts her foot on the gas pedal

and travels lonely,

as usual.


or lose?



Poem-Plumbing Depths June 14, 2019

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This well is dank and dark,

Though they have promised from the depths

She will see stars,

so far, it’s darkness all around.

She only feels

a giant on her chest squeezing

joy, until tears squish dripping out.

She’ll fill this well with grief;

the only escape may be

floating on surface sorrow

until it floods over the wall

with all the sadness she can carry.


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