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poem-truth and dare March 15, 2019

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Here is the true thing, my children.

It is dark outside.

There are beasts with teeth and claws,

prepared to rip and tear you into tiny bits.

Oh, yes, my children,

it is dark outside.

You must beware.


But come, my children,

here is another true thing.

There is light outside.

It glows from windows and from hearts;

it pulls what’s apart, together, wrapping gleaming strands

of hope, that shimmer if you look just so.


There in your heart: a star!

Dare, my children, to shine.

It is dark outside.

You must

Be light.



poem- the day after November 12, 2015

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snow falling

between the rain

the pavement becomes a black hole

sucking out the light

I return hoping

but the house is cold

and I must find

my own dinner.


poem-silhouette February 3, 2015

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The light is behind you

and you are a glorious silhouette

You see only shadows,

but we see beauty.


poem- dark road March 20, 2014

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When the road is dark

illuminated only be the narrowest of beams

look above to the sparkling canopy of stars

and ahead to the distance glow

and know

illumination is out there.


out out brief candle March 14, 2013

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Out, out brief candle

The spark of light

Is too difficult to handle

Beyond the might

Of simple mortals.

So much better to embark

through gleaming portals

into eternal dark.


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