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poem- I saw a shooting star August 29, 2022

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I saw a shooting star


Last night

while letting out the dog:

a streak across the sky.

The dog squatted in the grass while

A weary  traveler burned through our


My upward glance made me a witness

and I must say, that meteor’s end

made midnight


poem-budding April 22, 2021

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Outside the window
new green
We walk by in masks
waiting for vaccine

Spring is a time
for hope
Another year on a
slippery slope.

Daffodils bursting
from the soil
Politics and a pandemic

Take care.
We’re almost



NaPoWriMo Day 22 A little contrast between the hope of spring and the stress of rising numbers of infected folks, including a friend.



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poem-truth and dare March 15, 2019

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Here is the true thing, my children.

It is dark outside.

There are beasts with teeth and claws,

prepared to rip and tear you into tiny bits.

Oh, yes, my children,

it is dark outside.

You must beware.


But come, my children,

here is another true thing.

There is light outside.

It glows from windows and from hearts;

it pulls what’s apart, together, wrapping gleaming strands

of hope, that shimmer if you look just so.


There in your heart: a star!

Dare, my children, to shine.

It is dark outside.

You must

Be light.



poem- little November 21, 2015

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Little thing

soft word

gentle touch

Little things

Big results


poem-between December 27, 2014

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Between then and now

Between here and there

Between faith and doubt

Between love and hate

Between us and them

Between you and me

Between life and death

We hover


poem- perfect October 2, 2014

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We are 1-0:

tall and short

quiet and verbose

slender and round

scientific and artistic

Together we are



poem-hush September 8, 2014

The house is silent

except for the screaming

in my head.


poem-dysmorphia May 19, 2014

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In the mirror

the girl is slender,

waist defined

perfect proportions.

In the photograph

the girl is round,

an hour glass balloon

widely distorted.


In the mirror

the girl is round

an hour glass balloon,

widely distorted.

In the photograph

the girl is wraith-like

ribs defined.

Such visual contortions!



poem- tonight April 24, 2014

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walking to the mailbox

I am stalked by mist

The lights blink through

the neighbours trees:

stars above,

down town below.

It’s so black between the lamps,

I expect deep quiet,

beneath the rustle of new leaves,

but the highway hums in the distance.

Trucks travel with an insistent drone

that climbs the hill to my house,

and silence suffers

in the hustle of their incessant transitions.




poem- the other side January 10, 2014

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The world is white on the outside

but she is black.

The core of her is burnt and raw,

bubbling flesh like molten lava.

The yard is sugar coated and bright

but she is dark.

The soul of her is encrusted and festering

rotting organs like gangrenous limbs.

The world is playfully building snowmen

but she is deconstructing herself.

Laughing children throw snowballs from

behind fortress walls that will melt.

Her fortress is firmly constructed;

joy will not reach her

until it bleeds away like winter.





Today’s composition explores contrast.  I’m trying to be a bit Plath-like here, though it’d be hard to capture the depths of her misery without living the pathos, perhaps?


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