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poem- tonight April 24, 2014

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walking to the mailbox

I am stalked by mist

The lights blink through

the neighbours trees:

stars above,

down town below.

It’s so black between the lamps,

I expect deep quiet,

beneath the rustle of new leaves,

but the highway hums in the distance.

Trucks travel with an insistent drone

that climbs the hill to my house,

and silence suffers

in the hustle of their incessant transitions.




26 Responses to “poem- tonight”

  1. komarovstyle Says:

    Nice one….i love your all poems 🙂

  2. stevendavisuk Says:

    Another great poem. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Love it Shawn, thank you. Silence smiles as we suffer in silence 😉

  4. Roger Turner Says:

    stalked by mist….love this phrase. well done Shawn.

  5. Another awesome poem.

  6. You’ve captured that certain magic and mood of the evening.

  7. narble Says:

    I like the notion of “transitions.” It opens a panoply of images.

  8. suchled Says:

    It makes me want to live in town. Here the only lights are from the house and the stars. But the stars aren’t yours because we have our own. But we can share the moon. I loved this poem.

  9. Ynav Says:

    This really drew me in . I felt like I was there. Splendid beloved. BLISS AND LOVE.

  10. sporterhall Says:

    Dearest Shawn! You never cease to deliver! Thank you for such a sweet melodic flow of sometimes ordinary thoughts!

  11. sporterhall Says:

    Agreed. It is often the simplest and most ‘ordinary’ things that bring about the most appreciation. It’s the little things that oftentimes move life’s mountains!

  12. Christie Says:

    I love the imagery! Thank you 🙂

  13. NixonsCan Says:

    I love the line, stalked by mist.

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