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poem- seen and not heard January 22, 2019

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Murmuring voices

racing around me, vacuum engine growl,

white noise.

Words without meaning.

Sound without sense.

There you are.

Your mouth moves,

but I can not hear you



poem- noise November 29, 2016

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Wherever I put you

you erupt in explosions of sound

You are a Tower of Babel

oblivious (or indifferent) to the distraction you are.

The constant cries sound like

See me! me! me!

It’d be nice if you looked at others for a while,

perhaps they need to be seen, too.



poem-summer noise July 26, 2015

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Oh, if only those

air conditioner fans would stop

then I could listen to

the summer serenading

of the frogs.


poem-squirrel rant August 23, 2014

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That squirrel

is ranting like a

furious squeaky toy.

Ten minutes of

castigating harangue

from the willow tree

and no audience but me.


it’s not about a solution;

it’s just about

being heard.


poem- modern inconvenience July 5, 2014

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The panorama of lake and hills

lies peacefully before me.

The  susurration of wind

the patter of rain on

leaves and pine needles

is mountain music.

Heaven on earth

marred by

that incessant RV A/C.*




*Recreational Vehicle Air Conditioning


OMG it just turned off!   (and the very next minute the music started.  Sigh).


poem- putting a roof on it May 5, 2014

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The early morning knock

is answered with blurry eyes.

A too bright face asks if

a vehicle needs out of the garage.

The stomping above our heads

jarring us to wakefulness,

makes this so much more


than usual.

Large trucks high centre on

our steep driveway, whirling tires

Asphalt is scraped, rasping. 

Scraping, scouring off the shingles.

Thudding as they hit the ground.

This Monday morning,

Coffee is required.

I’m leaving for work early.

This is too much Monday

for me.


poem- tonight April 24, 2014

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walking to the mailbox

I am stalked by mist

The lights blink through

the neighbours trees:

stars above,

down town below.

It’s so black between the lamps,

I expect deep quiet,

beneath the rustle of new leaves,

but the highway hums in the distance.

Trucks travel with an insistent drone

that climbs the hill to my house,

and silence suffers

in the hustle of their incessant transitions.




25c for noise isolating earbuds May 25, 2012

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I made these, following these instructions.  They were fantastic on the planes and noisy museums in Europe.  So easy!  So cheap!


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