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performing December 8, 2016

Here are a few shots of me in action on the set of Shuswap Theatre’s production of Mary Poppins.  We sold out 3 weeks before curtain!  The photos are by Evan Buhler, used with permission.

I play Miss Lark, love interest of Admiral Boom (fellow Rotarian Randy Brogden) with her little dog Willoughby.

I’m also The Bird Woman and sing “Feed the Birds.”

Finally, in “Jolly Holiday” I’m a statue of Queen Victoria and knight Bert (Aidan Sparks, a former student of mine).



poem-appealing February 6, 2016

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“a man in a kilt will always be more appealing than anyone in lederhosen.”

~Diana Gabaldon


The appeal is likely the easier peeling?


poem-story sorry May 31, 2015

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I’m caught in a story

I can’t come out;

I’ll say I’m sorry.


I must stay and read

this day away,

Not really sorry to be

in need of story


poem-with alacrity May 30, 2015

(for DG)  🙂

In whatever capacity

you deal with animousity,

develop a good strategy

to sort out dreaded calumny,

then avoid falling into laxity

and resolve it with alacrity!



Another poem dedicated (with tongue in cheek) to Outlander author, Diana Gabaldon.  The phrase ‘with alacrity’ appears frequently in Outlander, and whenever it does I shout enthusiastically “WITH ALACRITY!” and chuckle.  (Alacrity means haste, FYI).  It’s silly, but it is not much different than throwing boxes of KD at a Barenaked Ladies concert or toast during Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Neither of which I’ve done, unfortunately, so I have to settle with shouting to a book.  Kind of sad, really.)  😉


poem- retirement project May 5, 2015

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That old shell of a van

might make a fun project for you.

Just think, when it’s done

you can make out in the back with a hot chick,

or at least a chick with hot flashes.



poem- riddle me this April 13, 2015

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I am a question in disguise.

A taunting phrase

turned red herring, am I.

You’ll groan at me

while you roll your eyes.

So, I query you, dear: what am I?


Today’s prompt from is to write a riddle, in keeping with the mystery of 13.  Not suffering from triskaidekaphobia, I offer this, with my tongue FIRMLY in cheek.  😉



video- likes authors October 26, 2014

Here’s a Moxy Früvous performance for those spouses whose loved ones always have a nose between pages…





poem-breath July 26, 2014

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Your breath

on this hot day



beside me

is so putrid

I can’t explain

why I adore









(dog love)


geek joke July 10, 2014

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Bwa ha ha ha ha!  This totally cracks me up!  (Having played a theremin, and all)



If this doesn’t make sense to you, here is  theremin virtuoso Clara Rockmore in action:



poem-caught July 2, 2014

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The “Isle of Capri” scent

wafting from the Lampe Berger

was supposed to ensure



walk up the stairs and ask,

“What’d you burn?”

Perhaps I’ve used this strategy

once too often?




I am vaguely amused that the photo on the Lampe Berger homepage shows the exact lampe that I was using…  (cough)


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