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poem-calendars June 13, 2016

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Day by day,

week by week,

month by month,

year by year,

Perpetual motion

marks our lives,

cradle to grave.

Recto, verso,

each a new start

toward the inevitable,


final page.


poem-failing May 8, 2016

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New griefs

Still alive

but failing

dropping pieces of yourself

behind you

abilities drip away

and we face a new you

seemingly oblivious to

this reality


poem- alienation September 18, 2015

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She speaks of the alienation of senses.

vision fades

hearing lies

touch hurts

taste dulls

smell empties

What remains is the acute sense of memory

and occasionally a sense of humour

at the irony

of it all.


poem- retirement project May 5, 2015

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That old shell of a van

might make a fun project for you.

Just think, when it’s done

you can make out in the back with a hot chick,

or at least a chick with hot flashes.



poem-old dog February 4, 2015

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You groan in your bed

shifting to find a comfortable spot.

You struggle to rise on those

sore back legs.

You fall over avoiding

chair legs.

You ignore your dinner

as if eating is too much effort.

You don’t hear people when

they come to the door.

You go out to toilet,

but poop as you come in.

You strain to see me

through clouded eyes.

But you wag your tail

when you recognise me

and bring me a toy to tug.

You follow me whenever I move,

just wanting to be with me.

You make me stare down

hard decisions.

dear old dog.




2015 is not my favourite year.  

Dusty Dog’s 17th birthday is in August, but I don’t think he’s going to see it.


poem- Christmas Eve December 24, 2014

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is empty

except for memories

It’s really too much effort

setting up that Christmas tree.

The young folks all use email

so there weren’t many cards received

The avenue is packed with snow

that’s falling unrelieved

They won’t risk driving anywhere

on that they are agreed.

Celebrations are in the past

as memories are retrieved

That’s the magic of the season,

and the truth of

Christmas Eve.




Merry Christmas to those who are alone, working, or happily avoiding celebrations.

PS. The shape was supposed to be a Christmas tree, but I’m thinking it looks more like an elf silhouette.  What’s your take?


poem- everybody dies alone December 12, 2014

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You tell me

you’re afraid

of the inevitable destination

of this journey,

and I can’t help you.

I’ve never been there,

and I don’t know what to say

to ease your fear.


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