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About Shawn May 4, 2010


Image courtesy of Photos by Ava Franklin

Shawn Bird (BA, MEd) is a high school English teacher, author, and poet in the beautiful Shuswap region of British Columbia.

Shawn is the author of several novellas, novels, short stories and poetry collections.  Her novella length interconnected noir short story collection Murdering Mr. Edwards (Coffin Hop Press April 2018) was nominated for an Arthur Ellis Crime Writers Award. Her YA fantasy series Grace Awakening set in Calgary and the Shuswap region of BC was nominated for a Whistler Independent Book Award.  She has been represented by Transatlantic Agency in Toronto.

She has some poetry books available: see the links on the Poetry page linked above.  She posts a new poem frequently on the blog.

Shawn is a member of both the BC Teachers’ Federation and the Federation of BC Writers. For good measure, she is also a member of the North Okanagan Shuswap Teachers Association and the Shuswap Association of Writers, since it is always good to associate with other teachers and writers!

Shawn is a member of the Rotary Club of Salmon Arm (Shuswap)  She has been club president twice.  She is a Paul Harris Fellow (+1).  She is a former Rotary Youth Exchange Student to Finland. This suggests that people believe she is a responsible member of society.   She is conversationally fluent in two languages besides English, and dabbles at a variety of others. She loves language and communicating across cultures.  Shawn moderates a blog of (theoretically) monthly non-sectarian Rotary Invocations, as well.

She has one handsome, amazing, thoughtful husband (he does laundry!), two uniqueKiltti-monkey2A and independent human children, one very smart miniature poodle puppy (who earned his Novice Trick Dog title at 8 months old and at 20 months had his Advanced Trick Dog title) not to mention the million memories made by three funny, worshipful, delightfully curly canine children, now all buried in the back yard. There are no human children buried in the back yard.

You may notice the harp in the back of the poodle photo. Shawn used to play the harp much better than she does now, but unfortunately, to continue to play well it is necessary to practise! BC harpists will remember Shawn from her years of writing for the now defunct BC Harps Newsletter and her activity on the MIT Harp List, also defunct and much mourned. If you’re curious, click on VIDEOs at right >> There are few videos of Shawn playing now that she’s occasionally practising again.

Shawn likes to create.  She knits, sews, does embroidery, paints, and collects shoes, particularly shoes that are functional art, like those made by John Fluevog!  You will find examples of her assorted projects throughout the blog. (See the Project section).

You are cordially invited to join Shawn’s Facebook Fan page. It could really use someone with your enthusiasm brightening it up! 🙂  You may also want to pop over to her new Wattpad site ( to see the stories she’s posted there.   Thanks for coming by!  Spend some time exploring, and come back soon!



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512 Responses to “About Shawn”

  1. Brittany Says:

    “she may hire a marker”
    What will happen to me?!

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      Get yourself a teaching degree so I can hire you when I have that million! It’s way more fun to mark that to just record the grades. I promise. (Ech hem. Don’t notice my fingers crossed behind my back).

  2. Thanks for the wonderful intro. You have such enthusiasm. Wonderful!

    Love the pups. Beautiful region you live in.

  3. Lisa Says:

    You sound like someone I would like to know (beyond similar tastes in blog templates. I’ll be back soon. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Hi Shawn, I had a good chuckle reading your About page and finding out your interests and passions. As past president of my Rotary Club, I love meeting others who’ve “been there… done that.”

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      lol Here’s a secret: when I am faced with stress, I escape into magical fictional worlds. I wrote Grace Awakening over 6 months in the middle of my club presidency. Coincidence? I think not! 😉

  5. Hi Shawn
    I am doing my invocation tomorrow for the Las Vegas Rotary Club. I love doing the invocation and spent time researching it. I also believe that giving thanks is always appropriate but never specify any particular deity. In fact, I have run the gamut from Zen and Buddhist to US Presidents inaugural addresses to ancient Celtic Blessings. I found your website while searching for a Peace Prayer given the recent events in Norway. I am going to use your Peace Invocation tomorrow – love the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt.

  6. Martin Lake Says:

    Hi Shawn,
    Thanks for following my blog.
    I love the idea of the Alpha-biography. I I did one once for my PA, using her name and she framed it.
    Good luck with your writing career.

  7. lostupabove Says:

    Thank you for following my blog.

  8. Karin Wiberg Says:

    Shawn – I really enjoy your blog. I am nominating you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. See my post for details ( Thanks for the interesting writing! –Karin

  9. Jixi Fox Says:

    It’s nice to meet you…I love the colors of your blog. Keep on being awesome…and oh yea…you are a cutie…:)

  10. truthyoga Says:

    Thank you for Liking my poem post….Congratulations on your writings successes…..keep exploring and expressing yourself and best wishes along your Journey.

  11. What a lady! Love you bio. Your energy is to be desired! I shall explore your blog with baited anticipation.

    Thank you for viewing my poem for the day. Blessings.

  12. Thanks for visiting Shawn! I look forward to reading your book!

  13. Ha! I sent you a message intending to post here:) You have a lovely Blog and I am happy to follow!

  14. Patricia A. Donahue Says:

    Hi Shawn, I want to thank you for the hugely informative workshop you gave at the Vernon Writers Festival this past weekend. I learned so much! Great of you to prepare and deliver such up to date info. on social media, esp. for writers. Patricia Donahue

  15. Hi Shawn, thanks so much for visiting. Glad you liked my poem ‘Tripwire.’ Really like what I’ve read so far and love your sense of humor — will be back to read more!

  16. Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad to meet you–your bio makes me feel like I really have–well, you know, more than virtually, met you. Cheers!

  17. Hi Shawn Thanks for visiting me at – I just read your thoughts on writing Camp – I stared NaPoWriMo deciding to write a poem a day – I’m not that much into poetry and now at day twenty, we’re beginning to scrape the bottom of the barrel. My targets were 1, to actually make it through the whole month 2 To write in conversational format avoiding ‘poetic’ phrasing and 3. use rhyme.
    It all seemed pretty straightforward at the beginning of the month!
    PS I spent ages on your site and I didn’t mean to do more than a quick browse – not sure if that’s a compliment or not.

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      I’ll take it as a compliment that you fell into the black hole of my eclectic blog world! Thanks for dropping in, and I invite you back again!
      I was doing Camp NaNo to work on a novel, but I seem to be writing poetry instead! Eek. This does challenge the word count!

  18. pi314chron Says:

    Shawn, Your liking my poetry has made a good day here in Texas even better! Your own poetry is intriguing and several “cuts” above the usual online offerings. I’ll drop by often to be inspired by your distinctive poetic “voice.”

  19. thanks for the visit! If you liked my latest post, i will be posting more soon! so please come and visit again!

  20. lisaelskerarvid Says:

    😃Så vakker du er. Nydelig smil😊

  21. lisaelskerarvid Says:

    Min glede😃

  22. malctg Says:

    Hi Shawn. Sounds a good life. May I Wish you well with your book. Thank you for liking my poem ‘ Over Night Stay’. I hope our paths cross again. The Foureyed Poet.

  23. Yahobahne Says:

    I had a sensing that you were unique when I saw at the entry of your blog page, the word eclectic. And to top off your unique giveaway was the photo of your pooch next to the plants. To me, that was very creative. 😊
    Nice to meet you.

    ~Your neighbor

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      Nice to meet you, neighbour. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

      • Yahobahne Says:

        Hey Lady Shawn, I look forward to you stopping by my blog sometime too. Let’s keep the community tight now, ok? 😊 AHA, and whenever you get to my blog site, you’re welcome to “like,” peruse and or make yourself at home.


  24. thanks, Shawn, for the visit. nice blog you have here.

  25. Scriptor Obscura Says:

    “She is conversationally fluent in two languages besides English, and dabbles at a variety of others. She loves language and communicating across cultures.”

    I’m only conversationally fluent in one language (Spanish), and I’d really like to become fluent in more. I love languages and other cultures, other places, other ways of life, and wish I could live abroad and be fluent in every language in the world if that were possible. (I wish that were possible.) Sigh. Do German or Spanish happen to be one of the languages you know?

  26. Scriptor Obscura Says:

    Oh, and we have the exact same comment prompt! I’ve never seen the exact same comment prompt on another blog before! I just noticed that right now 🙂

  27. Thank you so much for the “like” on my Blog! Wishing you much success and Bliss on your future endeavors!!

  28. darkjasm Says:

    Hello there Shawn..
    Thank you so much for liking my post, I feel so honored.
    Greeting from Indonesia.. keep up the good work..

  29. wordkunst Says:

    Thank you for having visited
    Buona lettura, always

    – Alexander Booth

  30. Jan Says:

    Hi Shawn! Interesting work you got here. Thanks for liking my post 🙂 It’s so nice to meet people from the other side of the world 🙂

  31. Thanks for the Following of my Blog/Poetry! :)…….Wishing you much success and bliss on all your future endeavors!

  32. I forgot to add something: your students are very fortunate to having a seemingly dedicated teacher such as yourself! Also your book sounds very interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I keep saying it but the best to you in all your endeavors and I sincerely mean that!

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      I enjoy my students, and I am gratified by the reviews they give. (I have my classes either do a report card or write a letter telling me about their impressions of the year). Of course, I’m not an easy teacher, but for those who want to learn, they are stretched, develop skills, and know more at the end of the semester than at the beginning. 😉

  33. Ahoy, hoy, thank you for following my poetry blog. You are hilarious, very wicked sense of humor. Thanks again,.

  34. D Cobb Says:

    “There are no human children buried in the back yard.” That is such an absolutely wonderful line.

  35. nirbhayasindia Says:

    Hi Shawn, lovely blog. I’ll be coming back for more. If inclined, do glance at the story of the awakening of a spent nation written in verse at

  36. Raphael Says:

    Thank you so much for your visit I appreciate it lots…

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    I’m so glad about it 😀

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    you have a great blog

  42. My, my, what goldmine have I stumbled on here? At any rate, cool hair Miss Bird!

  43. meenas17 Says:

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    Your About page is amazing and at the same time interesting ..

  44. joelghames Says:

    “There are no human children buried in the back yard”.
    Well that’s a relief!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours looks fascinating – there certainly is a lot here.

  45. Aaran Sian Says:

    You have such a wonderful blog! It’s bursting with interesting topics and I am actually so excited to look through everything! I love blogs with so much to them, you seem like such an open minded person, I love it! 😀
    Thank you so much for the follow, it means a lot!
    Aaran 🙂

  46. Love this intro:-) Thanks for the follow, it’s a pleasure to return the favour. There’s a great deal to take in here, and I’m definitely drawn by the title of your novel. I’ll check out its page. Blessings on your day:-)

  47. deweydecimalsbutler Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your bio section. Kudos on the knitting. That is where I made myself stop for fear of the craft store getting all my paycheck instead of just part. Quilting can be expensive enough. I’m looking forward to your blog posts.

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      I have been quite lucky to discover all sorts of sources for amazing yarn at discounts- like when we’re travelling or in discount bins. I tend to use funky yarn, and plain knitting styles. I understand handing the pay cheque over though! Garments can be cheaper ready-made! lol (which seems so counter-intuitive!)

      I look forward to hearing from you, and from exploring more of your world!

  48. hi Shawn, thanks for following my blog. nice site you have here.

  49. theseer1959 Says:

    Greetings! Will follow

  50. Thanks so much for following What The Hell! I’ll want to spend some time reading your work here too…

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    a beautiful intro indeed. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. Your posts are beautiful and i guess i will be hanging around here for more than a while.

  52. truthyoga Says:

    Thank you Shawn for Following my blog, and for Liking my post….keep exploring and sharing yourself….best wishes along your Journey.

  53. Hi Shawn, thanks for dropping by and joining the community, honoured and delighted to have you onboard. 🙂

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    Thanks Shawn for stopping by my blog and following. I look forward to following you also and yours posts. It is always nice to connect with someone in the Pacific Northwest through the blogosphere, I am south of Seattle!

  56. Hi Shawn, thanks for visiting and following my blog. It’s now time to explore yours. I love your about page:-)

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  58. Shawn, wonderful to make the link. All as a result of your recent decision to start following Learning from Dogs. So many thanks and all the best.

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    I have nominated you for “Quintet of Radiance”: Five Ennobling Awards!

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  64. coconutspeak Says:

    I think you like my poem ‘Third Grade Kingdom’. I was thinking about my childhood.

  65. cricketmuse Says:

    I’m not sure I would keep teaching if a million came my way, but I would definitely miss. We have mice and guinea pigs in our backyard, and thoughtful husband (mine cooks and does the floors) are indeed a blessing. Thanks for the follow and I look forward to following yours!
    Blue Skies,

    • The closer I come to retirement, the more I imagine half time or something lovely like that. I do love my students though. They are such wonderful, fascinating people!

  66. odhran25 Says:

    Thanks for following my blog! I look forward to keeping up with your work, as well!

  67. ghoststoriesfiction Says:

    Hey thanks for the like and follow. You seem just as crazy as me! I didn’t think that was possible! Lol. I loved your about post, it gave me a chuckle. I look forward to reading more 🙂

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    Thanks for stopping by! Stay awesome!

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    Good Morning. I hope that you are doing well and I have enjoyed reading your blog. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for “The Versatile Blogger Award” the criteria and acceptance info can be found here:, if you choose to accept. Congrats!! 🙂

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  73. You are truly inspiring. I have nominated your blog for an award. Hope that is ok. It will be posted later today. Here is the link to take you to it then,
    Ciao, Susan

  74. Hmmmm,
    I think that you are a very nice person!And that is really true..
    Loved your blog and your words…

  75. gsb3 Says:

    Hi Shawn. I enjoyed your poem and your run down of who you are and what you do. Thanks for the follow and look forward to reading more of your work as well!

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    Just wanted to stop in and say I love your energy and enthusiasm!

  80. Hi Shawn, thank you for dropping by my blog and for the follow..truly appreciate it! Its nice reading about you here and I’m looking forward to exploring you blog. Cheers

  81. julyaoui Says:

    Thanks for following my site Shawn. From a retired teacher to another teacher, I know what you mean and I know how you feel. I’m on the Federation Starship Voyager 😛

  82. Jixi Fox Says:

    Always happy to see your beautiful face and smile popping up on my blog…You know you are awesome right? BIG HUG. 🙂

  83. You’ve got a gorgeous smile! And your book sounds awesome! Good luck to you in all your writing!

  84. lljostes Says:

    Your students are blessed to have an active author teaching them! Thanks for following “What’s The Good Word?” Blessings ~ Laura

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    Hi there! Thank you so much for following my blog! It means a lot to me to have such support. You have a fantastic blog! 🙂

    Ps love your hair! 😀


  86. Dearest Shawn,
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    Your New Friend and Follower,

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    Amazing blog, and I love your hair!

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    Thanks for following peachyteachy! You are virtuous for that million dollar promise!

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    Hi Shawn, I accidentally came across your blog..But i must say i liked your about page.. and truely amazing website.. great thoughts!hats off. i am new blogger just started two weeks ago do check out my blog incase you get time
    Looking forward to your new post!

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    Shawn, thanks for your support of Boston Poetry Magazine. I’d love for you to submit a poem or two if you’re interested. Cheers! -Mike

  93. pi314chron Says:

    Thanks for the “like” Shawn! Always nice to know you haven’t gotten bored with my writing yet! *g* I took you up on the free e-book of your poetry and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for helping us “no income” retirees to read some great haiku at a great price!

    Warmest Respect,


    • ‘Great price’ lol I am always amused when I get a notice of ‘a purchase’ and it turns out to be a gift download of “A Year in Love.” Glad you enjoyed it. Poetry will not make me rich. 😉 There’s a new book coming out this week. It will have a discount for blog readers, but not 100% off…

  94. Thanks for taking a look at my blog, Shawn (great name!). As soon as I read, “There are no human children buried in the back yard” (and saw your awesome hair), I knew I’d like you!


  95. Hi Shawn,
    Thanks for finding and following my blog.
    Congrats on the success of your book!

  96. Thanks for liking the first poem on my blog and for following me. I appreciate it! I have no idea if I know what I’m doing over on my blog, but I am enjoying the process. Your About Shawn page is perfectly detailed and I envy your knowledge. I look forward to reading more of your past posts. Blessings!

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    You sound like a really awesome person (the purple hair, the harp, the book), so it’s an honor that you chose to follow our blog!
    Much love,

    The Brightverse Crew

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    I am pleased to come across your site… will look forward to reading your posts. Have a nice day! 🙂


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    Hello, madame. Thank you for following my blog and liking a few posts. I followed you back and looking forward to reading your posts. Blessings!

  102. Thank you kindly for joining wePoets, it’s much appreciated. We’d be happy to showcase your poetry and or books should you want to share. If so, our theme and submission pages explain everything. We also have a poetry contest page you might be interested in checking out. 🙂

  103. jjhiii24 Says:


    You have created a wonderful space to share your love for all that you care about, and your dedication to your calling and to your students is inspirational!

    Your interest in my blog is a generous compliment. The world could use many more educators and thinkers with your talents, and I will be following to join all the others who clearly are receiving the benefit of your creativity and generosity.

    With appreciation….John H.

  104. David Says:

    Having just taken a random your through your blog, I have this to say: I love the exuberant happy photos! Yes, many are likely posed, but they seem so genuine … [sigh] … it’s so nice to see that!

    Silly question: what is a marker? Is that a BC or Canadian term that I, from over a border to the south, just don’t know?

    • What was the context? A marker can be a felt pen, a person who marks exams, an object that marks a place, an event of importance…

      • David Says:

        The marker you were going to hire after you became a millionaire. Surely, it wasn’t a felt tip pen 🙂

        An exam grader, I assume. That’d be the part of teaching I missed the least.

      • Oh yes. In that case, someone whom I’d hire to mark English assignments. Though I confess, at the moment I’m non-enrolling, so I don’t have any marking at all. (It is quite bizarre!)

        I meant to add that while my media kit photos are definitely staged, they match who I am. Exuberant and happy are good words for how I like to be! After all, I have multi-coloured hair, and I drive a VW Bug covered in butterflies and flowers! It’s hard to be boring and gloomy. 😉

  105. keithfitton Says:

    Thank you for dropping in on my humble meanderings Shawn. Your kind attention is much appreciated. You have a great blog here!

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    I’m going to have a look around your site now I here!


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  109. hi Shawn, i really enjoyed your blog today. there is a lot of creative energy here especially the poetry i read, which were heartfelt and beautiful. as a longtime partner to a teacher, i thank you for your dedication. i hold teaches in very high regard. just thought i’d visit a bit to acknowledge and thank you for your follow of my poetry and writing, encouragement is always really appreciated.

    hope you have a wonderful day!

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    Hahaha your introduction is delightful 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by my poetry blog and introducing yourself. I’m very glad you did! 😀

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  116. English teachers were always my favourites, throughout school. It was the only subject that did not confuse me.

  117. Hello Shawn, I don’t normally do this award thing but wanted to nominate you for ‘The Sunshine Award’…. because your blog posts are always so thought provoking and intelligent – cheers me up on a rainy day. If you want to accept it then just go to my blog and follow the questions…. if not, just take this as a nod of appreciation 😉

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    Hi Shawn: Thank you for the like and for following my blog A Poetic Kind Of Place. Your site is inspirational, fun, and informative — and it’s got dogs! Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us. Take care and good luck! (By the way — how do you find the time in the busy life you lead to follow so many blogs?)

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    Happy Holidays! 🙂

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    Hi Shawn, I just wanted to thank you for following me! You seem like a delightful, talented, and lovely person. Your blog is impressive! I’m going to check into getting your book for my teenaged daughter when Santa brings her a Kindle. 😉
    By the way, I am a poodle mom too – I have two miniatures and a poodle/American Eskimo mix. And like you, I have one buried in the backyard, sadly.
    Many best wishes to you!

    • Thank you for the compliments, and I am glad you took the time to introduce yourself. My poodle boys are annoyed with us. We have purchased white leather couch/love seat and they are not allowed up on them. Floor pillows are not adequate, from their dirty looks. They still try once a day. We’ll have them trained yet! lol

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    Stay Well – Mart

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    I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Please accept it.

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    Hi Shawn, thanx for following my blog. I truly appreciate it. Congrats on your cool-sounding YA novel!

  133. I’m looking forward to following your work. Thank you for your positive response to my blog.

  134. marcus Says:

    Shuswap!!! Awhooooo!! Marcus Coquitlam here. Thank you for dropping by my blog.

  135. Eilish Niamh Says:

    Hi Shawn, It’s a pleasure to meet you! Thanks for following me.

  136. Eilish Niamh Says:

    Oh and I have to add that I am an avid Outlander fan, too. Book 8 can’t come out soon enough. 🙂

  137. Gosh, your bio is fab! Love this place already! Thank you for stopping by at my blog. I hope to come here more often. 🙂

  138. Vee dC Says:

    Hi Shawn. Thanks for visiting my space and liking my latest post. Good luck with the drive to the airport to pick up Diana…I’d be swerving all over the lanes in nervousness!

  139. juliegum Says:

    Hi Shawn, thank you for the follow. I will come back here often.

  140. zydaen Says:

    Hello there Shawn. I just wanted to drop by and thank you for following my blog. I also wanted to wish you the best of luck in your future writing.

  141. lzbneo Says:

    Hi there Mrs. Bird 😀
    funny enough that my favorite subject in school has always been English and now an actual English teachers follows MY blog.
    I feel very honered and hope that I’ll be able to call myself one of your students too :):

    BTW.. I’m from Germany.. soo please allow me to make some grammar and structure mistakes in my posts :P.

    Thanks alot for the follow

    • Thanks for following Alexander. Please allow me one correction that is a challenge for my students and many adults who are native speakers, so if you use it correctly, you’ll be ahead of many! 🙂 “A lot” is the correct use: 2 words. “Alot” is a common error. 😉 I’ll leave you alone now. 😉

  142. poet2e Says:

    thanks for stopping by

  143. Joanne Corey Says:

    Thanks for the follow! I am following you now, too. I am new to blogging and love it when I see another eclectic blog. Staying on one topic seems so limiting! Looking forward to exploring more on your blog!

    • I’m glad to have you! Thanks for stopping in. There are some amazing blogs out there, and it was fun to discover yours.

      • Joanne Corey Says:

        Thanks! I have so much to learn, but I am taking it slowly. It’s great to have so many wonderful examples out there, especially the ones that really resonate with one’s own interests.

  144. AdiC Says:

    Thanks for the follow! Hope you like my stuff as much as I like yours! 🙂

  145. Thank you so much for your visit, as always. 🙂

  146. Thank you for stopping by and following ^^

  147. I visit this site and then I smile.

  148. I look forward to reading your book! Your canine children are so sweet. 🙂

  149. Ravi Kumar Says:

    Thank you for liking my posts and following. I am new to blogging but I can surely say that your blog is very different and unique out of I have seen so far.

  150. Evster Says:

    Hi Shawn, thanks for following my blog! 🙂 Out of curiosity, I decided to drop by and I’m pleased with what I’ve discovered. I’ve also added a new book to my reading list, per your recommendation – Shadow of the Wind. 🙂

  151. Laavanya Says:

    Hi there and thanks for stopping by my page.
    I like what you have going on here – I’ll be back to look for more!

  152. You once liked one of my poems. If you ever have a free moment, I’ve written a few and love being critiqued. Input from an English teacher would be superb. 😉

    I enjoy your work. 🙂 I hope to see more poetry in the future.

    • I’m pretty sure I follow you.

      I try to avoid critiques though. Your journey is your own.

      • 🙂 My English teacher and I used to have this thing called “The Box.”

        The box was what he made me work in. When we met to talk about papers and I argued the validity of my choices, he reminded me of “The Box” and asked me to try to work inside it… This box couldn’t be nine pages long, either. He helped me work myself down to six pages, five pages, four…….. when most of the papers were “three to five pages.”

        Our agreement was that I had to try to stay in the box; he then allowed me to push the limits of said box just about as far as he could let me.

        He was like the best teacher in the school.

        Now I don’t even have to think about the box. I have the skills to throw away all of the boxes… I’m addicted to feedback, though, but I have a fellow writer who does fill that purpose for me when he’s not pounding away at the keyboard, pacing his apartment on a caffeinated writing binge, blasting Led Zeppelin and writing himself to tears. 😉

        … Thanks for the swift reply ^^

      • I do hope you have written to your English teacher and told him how much you appreciate his efforts!

      • He’s at a school in a nearby town; I plan on trying.

        If/when I ever get published, I’m also going to dedicate a book to him and thank him for being part of what got me there.

      • Very nice. One of my colleagues was just saying how many teachers dream of impacting the lives of their students, but most will never know if they did, because the nature of students is to move on. I’d say, don’t put it off, drop a thank you note in the mail saying you were thinking of him. He might be hit by a bus tomorrow. 😉

      • I emailed him, and he replied 🙂

        My senior English teacher still emails with one of his former students. She is a writer. He had a copy of one of her book in his room, I think, when I took his class.

      • That’s wonderful. Now keep writing, so you can have your book on his shelf someday, too! 🙂

    • He’s another one that I would thank if I were published. He and my caffeinated, writing-obsessed author friend (I already know which book that’ll be.)

  153. Elouise Says:

    Thanks for the follow–and for this website packed with resources, your energy, your wit and your amazing gift with words.

  154. Hey, Miss Shawn, I was browsing through your poetry and I was wondering, do you write your poems in blank verse? 🙂

    • Occasionally, but not generally. Free verse is common. In English, the most natural poetic rhythm is iambic pentameter, so it’s relatively simple to arrange the syllables into groups of 5 if one is so inclined. Though I am not. 😉

  155. woodbeez48 Says:

    Hi Shawn, Glad you found my blog and thanks for following. I look forward to reading your posts.

  156. Thank you for visiting my poetry blog in East Texas today. I love the photo with the thing in the nose and especially the snippiet of red hair to the side of your head. Truly with such creative energy in your own appearance, your book should be equally awesome. Will return and read those passages as quickly as I can. Blessings in your journey.

  157. Laili Says:

    Thanks for the like!

  158. Tanzalongs Says:

    Thanks for the follow.

  159. Hi Shawn. Thanks for your comments about my poem For England & St. George (What About the Dragon?)

    Wow, you’re very talented, I’m impressed. 🙂 Btw, I love your hair. My daughter had hers dip dyed recently but the colour was only semi-permanent so it faded really quickly. Did you use permanent dye?

    • I use a semi-permanent called Punky Color by Jerome Russell (specifically Midnight Blue and Red Wine, which mix for the purply bits) I do it every 8 weeks to keep it vibrant, leaving it on for 3-4 hours for maximum effect! I leave pink/blue on my pillows, bath, car head rest, etc for the first 2 weeks, so I don’t wear white collared clothing then either! 😉 (and now you know all my secrets!)

  160. Buffy Noble Says:

    Hello Shawn, thank you for following my blog. I’m loving the dancing shoes and flowers picture (and the poetry…) brilliant! Buffy

  161. Ren Ellis Says:

    Thank you for following my blog. You have so many interesting posts. I can’t wait to explore more of them. Thanks again!

  162. christinemorganriver Says:

    Wow, I’m just obsessed with your blog! So many fascinating things on here. You are a very talented lady 🙂

  163. thank u for reading and following my blog.

  164. ShieldCrest Says:

    Thanks for the follow 🙂

  165. melanie1611 Says:

    Hi, Shawn, thanks for following Cupcakes. Of course, anyone who mentions Fluevogs has to be a creative, so I’ll definitely be checking in! All the best on your YA novel–I’ll keep an eye out for that, too. Cheers.

  166. lifehelps Says:

    Hello, Shawn. Thank you for following me at
    This blog is a bit of an adventure for me: I hope to use more creative kinds of writing that reach past our rather formidable intellects to hearts.
    I will set aside some time to come back and visit you: There are some titles that look very interesting; I want to give them some real attention.
    Best wishes,

  167. Ronovan Says:

    Thank you for the follow so I could find your site. As a former Rotary Teacher of the Month I admire what you’ve done. You English teachers…grrr…you have so much advantage over we sad History teachers when it comes to punctuation in writing. Following you myself now. Love your life. Oh and I have to say LOVE the hair. 😀

    • Thanks very much, and congratulations on the “Teacher of the Month” honours! I work at a very innovative small school. We’re terrible at promotion (that’s my currect Inquiry project, trying to demonstrate what we’re doing) but you can vist and click on the links above and below the dated school photo to see some of it.

      Our website is not as innovative as we are! But I’m working on changing that! lol

  168. godcrazzzy Says:

    love ur hair colours. so cool. thanks for the likes

  169. merridy2013 Says:

    Hi Shawn, Thank you for following my blog, That’s given me a chance to have a look around your blog. I love eclectic! All the best!

  170. Hi there Shawn ,
    Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out my little corner of the blogosphere and the follow, your support is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing more from you 🙂

    Have a great day,


  171. Vee dC Says:

    Hi Shawn. Thank you so much for continually reading my poems. TOTALLY appreciated. 🙂

  172. Steve Says:

    Thanks for looking in, I look forward to travelling this blogging journey with you. Steve…

  173. Robert Says:

    Hi, Shawn, thanks for checking out my blog. I’m a former public high school English teacher…kudos to you for hanging in there.

  174. eileen049 Says:

    Shawn, thanks for the follow. I look forward to looking into your work further. Good stuff!

  175. Ronovan Says:

    You have been nominated for a Sunshine Award. You may already have one but I still want you to know have been a positive and creative influence for me.

    • Thanks for the honour of the nomination. With respect, I decline. Please refer to my post blog award policy above for details. 🙂

      • Ronovan Says:

        🙂 One thing I included in my post was that I knew some of you had received this before and didn’t expect you to go through all of it again, but just wanted you to know you still deserve the recognition. I’ve only been blogging for a month now and it’s encouraging to see you like things I put out.

      • I know. I just don’t do blog awards at all. I simply don’t have the time for them. I read and support a lot of blogs whenever I can, especially new ones. I particularly try to encourage those who are bravely putting their words out for the first time. 🙂

  176. Shery Alexander Heinis Says:

    Hi Shawn – Thanks for following my blog. It seems like we have a lot in common – love for writing, teaching/teachers (I come from a family of teachers), Rotary Club (back in the day). Who knows what else we might discover? Anyway, you’ve got a great blog, and I look forward to exploring further.

  177. veronicahaunanifitzhugh Says:

    Thank you for liking my pieces. I noticed that you have a literary agent. I am trying to get one for my poetry and flash fiction anthologies. Do you have any suggestions or advice for me? Thank you for your time.

    • It is highly unlikely that you will be able to find an agent willing to take on poetry, there simply isn’t the demand for it. Generally, the advice is to read carefully what assorted agencies/agents are looking for, and be sure not to waste your or their time to submit to anyone who isn’t looking for what you’re peddling. The second piece of advice is to attend Writers’ conferences where you can pitch your project in person.

      Transatlantic represents my Young Adult fiction, not my poetry. 🙂

  178. Thanks for following my blog! Wow, you sure do a lot of things! Awesome works you have here. 😀

  179. Sarah G. Says:

    Finally had the chance to do some reading of my own this morning! Enjoying your work greatly! =)

    (Thanks for reading mine.)

  180. Cathy Says:

    Enjoyed reading your bio and love your fur babies 🙂 Great blog too!

  181. Ganesh Says:

    Very nice and inspiring blog, Shawn! Thanks for following “Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean”. 🙂

  182. Cody Conklin Says:

    “There are no human children buried in the backyard.”

    I can’t XD

  183. fangtales Says:

    Thank you Shawn for following my blog! Enthused to peruse yours….

  184. Shawn,
    I want to express my deepest gratitude for you following my blog. Though we’ve only just met, I’ve really enjoyed reading about all of your accomplishments, and I have immense respect and admiration for all that you do and your enthusiasm to live such a full life. I am so excited to find you and follow you as well, as you have such a variety of content that I most definitely will find insightful and entertaining. Major congratulations on your book- I can’t wait to read it! Keep on doing what you’re doing because you rock! Thank you so much, again!

  185. Hi Shawn, thanks for introducing yourself by following our site, we look forward to exploring yours. If you’re on Facebook we also invite you to visit the RAXA Collective page. See you there!

  186. aquene7 Says:

    Hi Shawn thanks for the follow my blog. Must admit it was the first time I used poetry which has connected me to some great blogs.

  187. Hi Shawn!

    Thank you for liking my poems! It means a lot to me!

  188. paellucidus Says:

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and following! 🙂
    It’s nice to see another BC resident!

  189. drishali Says:

    Hi Shawn! Thank you so much for liking my poem! It really gives me a moral boost 🙂

  190. sandradan1 Says:

    Hi Shawn, thanks for finding and following my blog! SD

  191. Katarina Says:

    I read some of your poems and I love it. You are a remarkable person and I admire your energy. Thank you very much for following me.

  192. amandagrey1 Says:

    Hey thanks for following the Writers Hub… 🙂 Your blog is awesome, I look forward to checking it out more!

  193. M.C. Scripturus Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I always enjoy seeing talented Canadian writers! Your poetry is quite impressive, I’ll be sure to check back often!

  194. sashi Says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for liking my poem 🙂

  195. Wordation Says:

    Thanks for following my blog 🙂

  196. Thanks for liking my work! Nice to meet a fellow haiku writer/lover

  197. Jem Croucher Says:

    Hi Shawn. Hope you don’t mind but I’ve nominated your blog for “The Versatile Blogger” award. Details here –

  198. curiouspawn Says:

    Hello Shawn! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the follow as well, yours is very interesting by the way 🙂

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    Thanks for following my blog shawn, keep up the work!

  200. Sophia Says:

    Hi! Amazing poetry and amazing blog! Thanks for the add! ~ Sophia

  201. John Thursday Says:

    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for reading my work and following my blog! Don’t hesitate to comment on anything you like. You might even win some leprechaun gold…, but not likely.


  202. annaghislena Says:

    Hi Shawn, and thanks for checking out my blog today and for liking my work. It is much appreciated to have quality writers like you discovering and enjoying what I do. Many thanks. Anna.

  203. Lori Carlson Says:

    Thanks Shawn for stopping by my blog and liking my latest prompt effort. Much appreciated!

  204. Candy Kowal Says:

    Love your look sister, very “cute!”
    All the best in your writings, so much to read!
    All the best to you!

  205. Craig Galway Says:

    Hi Shawn!

    I just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the “Very Inspriing Blogger Award”. I love your poetry, it’s really inspiring stuff. Keep up the amazing work! 🙂

  206. stevieck Says:

    Shawn, Thanks so much for your visit and follow to my blog; I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m enjoying your lovely poetry as well.
    Steve K

  207. viktoryarch Says:

    I am tagging you with a recognition tag:
    Thank you for you blog.

  208. mzpresser Says:

    Thanks for the follow looking forward to reading your blog as well!!!

  209. Will Says:

    Hi Shawn ~ I’m very much enjoying getting to know you and your work! Thanks so much for appreciating mine. ~ Will

  210. Michael33 Says:

    Good afternoon Shawn! Came to thank you for visiting and following The Vision of Poets and became totally wrapped up in your poetry. Your about page is delightful and your poetry is beautiful. Thanks for introducing me to your site and for sharing your amazing writing with us.
    Hope you have an enlightening day…

  211. ghostmmnc Says:

    Hi, Shawn! Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the follow! Glad you enjoyed the poem. I’ve read a few of yours, so far, and I do like them very much, especially “Night Music”! Poor girl and her messed up tape…I could really feel for her…glad it ended well! 🙂

  212. Rekha Says:

    Impressed for liking and the follow, will take my own sweet time to explore your blog and other contents.

  213. Hi Shawn ! thanks for liking a post and following my blog. I appreciate your kind gesture.
    Your blog is attractive and beautiful and so is your writing. Keep up the good work !

  214. Sheetal Says:

    Hey Shawn! Thanks for following my blog. Your poems looks awesome too. I would love to read more from you. Thanks again.

  215. JustSomeDood Says:

    Hello there, I saw that you followed my blog (thank you for that) so I came to check yours out. The mythology section intregues me since I have always been a fan. I went ahead and followed you as well so I can come back and read through when I can. Take Care

  216. turksbalaod Says:

    thank you shawn for following my blog..

  217. Roxie Says:

    Hi Shawn, I just read your poem Waiting and I so loved it that I’m following you now.
    Your students are blest to have you.
    Love the hair color 🙂

  218. jenet12 Says:

    Thank you for following my blog. I’m surprised at how many things you accomplished! I’m like a one trick pony compared to you.

    • Well, I’m “Jack of all trades; master of none” as they say! 😉

      Come to think of it, when I get the rest of my courses done, I won’t be able to honestly say that, since I’ll have a paper that says I’m a Master of something! lol

  219. seagirll Says:

    Hi Shawn,
    Thank-you for visiting my blog and for the follow. I have enjoyed reading your posts very much. 🙂

  220. elegancesicy Says:

    Thank you so much for following my blog, means a lot, as I am sure you can guess 🙂

  221. Shawn,

    I truly enjoy reading your blog and have nominated it for The Creative Blogger Award. I sincerely feel your blog deserves this recognition. If you wish to participate, please follow the rules in the link below. Whether or not you choose to participate, I hope you will accept the recognition and my sincerest appreciation.

    Here is the link:

  222. lillian Says:

    Hi Shawn: Oh my — sometimes things just click! First and foremost — love this site and will follow. The home page makes me smile and isn’t that a great way to start your morning? Thank you!
    I am a former 10th grade English teacher — way way former…in the early 1970s during our six years of living in Marengo, Iowa — a very small farm community. Only 32 students in the senior class — I also developed and taught a popular course there in African American Literature including The Diary of Malcom X, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Langston Hughes, and Julius Lester’s To Be a Slave….quite the innovator in those days, especially in an all white community. So LOVED the bling story/poem from your student’s comment.
    My daughter, now 40 and on faculty at Philips Academy in Andover, MA won a Rotary Scholarship and spent her junior year of college in Freiburg Germany studying the pipe organ — yes — she is an organist to this day, you can google her Abbey Hallberg Siegfried and see a Ted Talk she did — you’ll also be able to quickly tell how much that scholarship meant to her….We are continually thankful to the Rotary for giving her that opportunity which quite literally changed her life!
    And — one more, we were, for many years, the proud and playful owners of two standard poodles: a chocolate and a black — smart, fun, and quite the personalities!
    So, my dear, here I am in the “rejuvenatement” period of my life (not retirement), trying my hand at poetry after all these many years (check out my About for a picture of who I am) — taking poetry classes since February, tackling tutorials on Word Press, and having a wonderful time challenging myself intellectually – and just plain having fun! Hope you’ll stop by my site — gentle reading is advised 🙂
    I used to tell my kids when they were 2, 3, and 4 “Use your words” when they were in those high pitched screams or whining…..and here I am at 67, following the moniker myself!
    Enjoy your site so much….and look forward to daily reads in your poetry blog. Just joined the NaPoWriMo exercise — followed the prompt yesterday….did my own thing this morning. Long reply — apologies — but really struck by your background — made me smile!

    • Delightful to meet you. Those are a lot of things in common! Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself and all those connections. I look forward to greater literary acquaintance!

  223. izza ifzaal Says:

    Thankyou so much Shawn for the follow ,
    you have a great blog in here 🙂

  224. Thank you for the follow! I have enjoyed what I have seen, I’ll be back. I hope to keep you entertained. I am multi-genre, some YA (one just finished as a romance) others more advanture of a Historical Fiction nature, sci-fi is in there as well.

    Thank you again!


  225. sWe Says:

    Thank you for liking one of my posts. I’m always flattered when one with such tremendous readership as yourself takes some time to stop by my corner of the blog-o-sphere 🙂

  226. thia licona Says:

    About a million good things to say about you just by reading your About and the comments and looking at your picture! What you think about me? I wrote you an email up above. I hope to hear from you. For I am much honored to have one like you taking time to read the posts in the blogs of my creation. O my word! Why can I write a simple sentence? Could you tell me? But I find it to be so much fun to create such complicated and lengthy sentences to express a multitude of things in one shot. Do you think I should simplify? O man! Simplify? How can I simplify the intricacy of my content? I guess I ought to leave well enough alone. If an English Teacher is following me, perhaps my English is not that complicated! What you think? 🙂

  227. Hi

    Thank you so much for finding my blog and following me

  228. aeddubh Says:

    Glad you liked my poem!

  229. Frank Prem Says:

    Love the dogs Shawn. I’m an old softie for poodles. Thanks for stopping by my place.



  230. Whew, glad about no children being buried out there, had me worried for a few seconds, I mean you came off all serial-killer-ish. hehe
    Joking aside, thanks for the follow, you have a really nice blog here, I’ll be back for sure!

    with regards

  231. Light Writes Says:


    Just wanted to say a big thank you for following my blog! ☺️

    Light x

  232. Diana Says:

    Poodle alert! You had me at poodles 🙂 Nice to meet you and greetings from Vancouver!

    • Greetings! Do you have poodles? What size? How many?

      I was just in Calgary with my current miniature poodle’s breeder. How fun to cuddle with SEVEN mini or toy poodles! Then we went to visit her friend and co-breeder who has three standards plus some minis. A heartful of poodles!

      My current mini boy just had a successful week earning his Intermediate and then Advanced Trick Dog titles. Good boy! 😉

      • Diana Says:

        OMG you were in poodle heaven cuddling with that fluffy menagerie! All curls and excitement no doubt.
        My beloved Gary was a grey toy poodle who was a rescue. The canine love of my for his warmth, intelligence and unwavering devotion, He left me about two years ago; sadly my current condo does not accept pets. So I get my poodle fix from rushing across the street and cuddling random pups 🤗

      • How sad not to be allowed a pet. 😦 I hope you find lots of cuddles, though.

      • Diana Says:

        I’ve had a lifetime of furry cuddles and hope to resume them someday 😊

  233. hailangeliccreation Says:

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for following me! It’s always humbling and intimidating to have authors find my blog and follow me, but I hope you like what you read. Comments are always welcome!
    -Author S

  234. shellyfaber Says:

    Hi Shawn, Thank you so much for reading and following me. You’re an inspiration, and mentor. Looking forward to doing much reading here! Thanks again, Shelly

  235. Thanks for visiting my blog! I am glad you stopped by because now it looks like I found a great blog as well!

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