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haiku- hot dog July 28, 2013

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Overheating dog

stretching out on the cool–floor’s

better than a swim.



It’s better because I have poodles, and drying after the swim is beyond onerous!  Despite the breed being named for their task of bird-dogging into puddles, I prefer mine to stay dry, and they seem of the same mind!


8 Responses to “haiku- hot dog”

  1. words4jp Says:

    cute – i almost thought it was about the eating kind of hot dog:) i must be hungry….

  2. davidprosser Says:

    And the smell of wet dog isn’t always the most pleasant in the world. xx Hugs xx

  3. This haiku poem of yours is so true.
    My own dog likes to lay flat on the floor because its cool and fresh. 🙂

    Awesome poem. 🙂

    oh! before I forget please check out my new blog poem:

    I promise you that once you read it, you will trip out on your own dreams. 🙂

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