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Media Kit July 12, 2013

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Brief Bio:

Shawn Bird (BA, MEd) is a high school English teacher, an author, and a poet in the beautiful Shuswap region of British Columbia.  She has written several ‘Minute Read’ ebooks, The Nikki Knox and her Shoes that Rock series, the ‘noir-vella’ Murdering Mr. Edwards, which was nominated for an Arthur Ellis award, a series of teen novellas set in the fictional BC town of Laketon,  the YA novel series Grace Awakening and several books of poetry.  In her spare time, she trick trains her talented miniature poodle, plays the harp, and serves her community with Shuswap Rotary Club.

Extended Bio:

Shawn Bird (BA, MEd) is an English teacher, author, and poet. Since her first novel was published in 2010, she has published 14 novellas, novels, short story or poetry books.  She has been published in anthologies including Writing Better Fiction: Craft Tips From Some of Canada’s Best Writers and Editors.

Her short stories have been short-listed for the SiWC Storyteller Award or the Okanagan Short Story contest six times.

Her novel Grace Awakening Dreams and Power was nominated for the Whistler Independent Book Award and her novella Murdering Mr. Edwards was nominated in the Lou Allin Memorial Best Crime Novella category of the 2019 Arthur Ellis Crime Writing Awards.

She is infamous for her footwear which led to collaborating with artist Nikolette Jones on the series Nikki Knox and her Shoes that Rock.

Shawn plays the harp (rarely) and trains her miniature poodle towards titles in agility, rally obedience, and tricks.  She has an amazing husband and a couple of intriguing progeny.

Magazines and Journals:

“Caught Dead” in Pulp Literature Magazine Vol 36. Autumn 2022.


Writerly Curiosities. ed. Janet Whitehead. 2022.  ISBN978-0-981-24587-4

Story “Bee-coming” in Small Shifts. 2022. ISBN 978-1-989642-35-1

5 drabbles in Drabble Advent Calendar. 2021.  ISBN 978-1-989-64228-3 (25 flash fiction stories)

Story “Who Was That Masked Man?” in Diaries and Mementos: Askew’s Word on the Lake Anthology 2021. ed. Scott Fitzgerald Gray. 2021 ISBN 9781777199340

Article “Beginning”  in Writing Better Fiction. ed. Brent Nichols. 2019. In Places Between Press. ISBN 978-1086454246

Story “Bob” in In Places Between: The very best short fiction from When Words Collide. 2019. (No ISBN)

Story in On the Shores of Shuswap Lake

3 poems in Runo Päivässä–Poem a Day. Kanttarelli Publishing, Finland. 2014.  ISBN 978-952-7052-04-4

Solo Publications:

Life in Laketon Collection  2023 ISBN 978-1989642-40-5 (all 4 Laketon novellas)

Wildfire. 2022 ISBN 978-1-989642-32-0 (paperback)   (Laketon series YA novella)

Chancey. 2022. ISBN 978-1-9990509-3-1 (paperback) 978-1-9990509-4-8 (ebook) (Laketon series YA novella)
Nikki Knox Shoebox #1. 2021.  ISBN 978-1-989642-08-5 (paperback)

Nikki Knox and the Sparks With Marx. 2021. ISBN 978989642-07-8 (short ebook)

Resuscitation. 2021. ISBN 978989642-23-8 (short ebook)

Modern Pict in Miniature. 2021. ISBN 978989642-22-1 (short ebook)

The Man in the Black Hat. 2021. ISBN 978989642-18-4 (short ebook)

Aunt Ida’s Apple Tree. 2021. ISBN 978989642-17-7 (short ebook)

Festivity. 2021. ISBN 978989642-14-6 (short ebook)

After #8. 2019  ISBN 978-1999050917 (YA novella)

Murdering Mr. Edwards (2nd ed) ISBN 978-1-989642-11-5

Nikki Knox and the Line of Chalk 2019 (short story chapbook) 2020 ebook ISBN-978-1-989642-02-3

Back at You. 2019. ISBN 978-19990509-0-0 (YA novella)

Live, Love, Hope (poetry paperback) 978-1989642009

Nikki Knox and her Sidekick Kip. 2019 (short story chapbook) 2020 ebook ISBN-978-0-9920052-6-3

Murdering Mr. Edwards  Coffin Hop Press. 2018. ISBN  978-1-988987-04-0  E-ISBN 978-1-988987-05-7 (‘noirvella’ & interlinked short story collection)

123 Prompts for Poets & Novelists. 2018. ISBN 978-0-9920052-6-9

Nikki Knox and her Shoes that Rock 2018. (short story chapbook) 2019 ebook ISBN-978-0-9920052-7-6

2011 (Poetry chapbook, 2013) ISBN 978-09920052-0-7

Grace Awakening Dreams and Power (paperback, 2012) ISBN  978-09877296-2-0

2010 (Poetry chapbook, 2013)

Grace Awakening Power (ebook, 2011) ISBN 978-09877296-1-3

A Year in Love (Poetry e-chapbook 2011)  ISBN  978-09877296-3-7

Grace Awakening Dreams (ebook, 2010) ISBN 978-09877296-0-6


  • Master of Education (University of British Columbia). Capstone project: The Poet Teacher.
  • Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Education (Simon Fraser University).
  • Bachelor of Arts in English (Athabasca University).


  • Shuswap Rotary Club of Salmon Arm (President: 2008-9, 2018-19, Co-president: 2019-20)
  • BC Teachers’ Federation
  •  Federation of BC Writers
  • North Okanagan Shuswap Teachers Association
  • Shuswap Association of Writers

You can email her directly through the form on the Contact page


Image courtesy Photos by Ava Franklin 2013

Image courtesy of Photos by Ava Franklin

Image courtesy of Photos by Ava Franklin 2013


Image by Photos by Ava Franklin 2017


Image by Photos by Ava Franklin 2017


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