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poem-lucky November 9, 2017

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How lucky I am

in you.

How blessed I am

to know you.

How grateful I am

for you.


poem- pages September 4, 2015

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Beneath the dusty cover,

these pages are a brown tinged

crinkly time machine.


poem- murder May 6, 2015

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It’s awkward

all this repeated death.

Everyone has the solution

to remove the trouble maker

Everyone has a special skill

that will do the necessary damage.

How would you…?

Count down.

3, 2. 1.

You could…

From every department

something new.

Murder is not hard to do

if it imaginary, and there’s

not practical follow-through.



I am presently writing a collection of short stories set in a high school.  The staff at my school keeps coming up with suggestions about the next murder.  It’s been quite entertaining!    I had no idea that apparently all teachers can come up with a scary death related to their subject area in under 3 seconds.  How about you?  My husband, (a Youth Probation Officer…) is appalled.  lol

UPDATE: This project became Murdering Mr. Edwards and was published by Coffin Hop Press April 2018



poem- NaPoWriMo- I know April 20, 2015

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I know


snapped pieces

knitting together

painful steps

I know


echoes of memory

wishing toward tomorrow

wanting it to be.

I know


dreams bouncing

around halls and walls

I know.



Today’s prompt was to write ‘what you know.’


poem- landay April 19, 2015

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Today’s prompt is to write a landay.  This 22 syllable couplet poetry form is a secret, underground women’s poetry in Afghanistan.  I was fascinated by this article about collecting landays in the war-torn land.  This secret voice tells us about the real undercurrents, the real experience, of life for these women.  


When the woman is Afghani,

The power of her voice is found in hidden poetry.


I am profoundly touched to read these secret treasures that vividly paint a reality we know so little of.  This is the hidden power of poetry, to condense so much into a few lines.  I like that they’re meant to morph as the lines are seized by others, and the message is intensified or modernized .  


When the woman is Afghani,

The fire in her voice is found in flames of poetry.


The form is supposed to be 9 syllables on the first line, 13 on the second, but my first lines all kept turning out as 8 syllables, so I just made 14 in the second, to reach 22.  (as per my Poetic Licence).


poem- Outlander terzanelle- time April 16, 2015

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She falls through time

he’s everywhere

assumes a crime.

She’s gone to where

her heart finds home;

leaving  despair

he waits by stones

then moves along,

lost while she roams.

New life, new song

Heart home, the past

She learns she’s strong

her love slips from her grasp

tears her  in agony

The question must be asked

Is it him, or is it me?

For this is destiny

A journey through time

to find her love sublime.

Today’s prompt is to write a terzanelle: a cross between a villanelle and a terza rima.  I chose to write on Outlander, a little awkwardly! lol  But I only have half an hour to spare for this, so don’t be too demanding.  😉  The rhyme scheme is

fAFA or fFAA.


poem- poetry April 15, 2015

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It bides,

waiting out of sight.

It hides in

a quivering leaf

a tearful cheek

a passionate heart.

It burrows

into dark places

It shines

with glorious abandon.

It lingers, longing for you to see.




Today’s prompt is to address a poem or component of a poem.  I think the goal is to use apostrophe, but that’s not what I ended up with.  Will metaphor/personification do?


poem- riddle me this April 13, 2015

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I am a question in disguise.

A taunting phrase

turned red herring, am I.

You’ll groan at me

while you roll your eyes.

So, I query you, dear: what am I?


Today’s prompt from is to write a riddle, in keeping with the mystery of 13.  Not suffering from triskaidekaphobia, I offer this, with my tongue FIRMLY in cheek.  😉



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