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poem- updating dreams November 21, 2019

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Last night

you didn’t come as your youthful self,

my fun, faithful friend.

Instead, bald, broad, and bellied you asked,

your hard question against my thigh:

Why not?

Respect, I said,

Squeamish at your leer.

You lowered your voice to that super serious tone

I remember so well.


So much doubt.



Even in my dreams I’m over this.


poem-powerless April 16, 2019

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I weep

for the fools who believe lies and hand power

to the deceivers, whose actions cry, “Destroy

me, please!  Give

me, me, me what you promise!”

and then blame those

who try to keep giants from grinding fools into the ground,

while fools bless them for the feet

upon their heads.


Confessions July 7, 2017

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I am at a poetry retreat, and I have just realized I haven’t posted any new poetry in ages!  Here is one that was prompted by discussion around the table last night.


Men are afraid that women will laugh at them.

Women are afraid that men will kill them

~ Margaret Atwood



she is laughing

at his wizened, flapping sword

Ever appreciative

it is not slashing, slicing, dividing

head from heart.


Impalement is not a virtue in itself

ecstacy can take or leave it.


She desires his desire,

not his possession.


poem-weeps March 30, 2016

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Tears appear;

truth pools in her eyes.

She looks out the window, scenery unseen,

one droplet,  breaking free, tracks a slow progress across




Another makes the parallel journey.

She turns her face, while she waits, wishes,

then slowly grows the knowledge

that what is

will be.

She weeps out the weakness.

While there may be grief,

acceptance brings resilience.


is the power of belief

and relief.


poem- landay April 19, 2015

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Today’s prompt is to write a landay.  This 22 syllable couplet poetry form is a secret, underground women’s poetry in Afghanistan.  I was fascinated by this article about collecting landays in the war-torn land.  This secret voice tells us about the real undercurrents, the real experience, of life for these women.  


When the woman is Afghani,

The power of her voice is found in hidden poetry.


I am profoundly touched to read these secret treasures that vividly paint a reality we know so little of.  This is the hidden power of poetry, to condense so much into a few lines.  I like that they’re meant to morph as the lines are seized by others, and the message is intensified or modernized .  


When the woman is Afghani,

The fire in her voice is found in flames of poetry.


The form is supposed to be 9 syllables on the first line, 13 on the second, but my first lines all kept turning out as 8 syllables, so I just made 14 in the second, to reach 22.  (as per my Poetic Licence).


poem- 3 powers October 19, 2014

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Three powers

of the ancient bards:

to rouse the listener to joyful laughter,

to desolate the listener to sorrowful tears,

to comfort the listener to peaceful sleep.

Three powers

of the harper.

Three powers

of the wordsmith.

Three powers

I seek.




poem- self-fulfilling prophecies October 26, 2013

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At four hundred pounds

she filled every room

I am beautiful!

I am amazing!

I am entertaining!

I will help you succeed!

They didn’t question

her self-control

her ugly words

her petty cruelties

her avarice

They accepted every word

and made it true.


poem-bravery July 26, 2013

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The bravest thing you ever did

was open the door of your dark room

and invite in the light.

The bravest thing you ever did

was to believe someone could

hold you in the night.

The bravest thing you ever did

was embrace the possibility

that something might

The bravest thing you ever did

was to look through your window

and claim the sight

The bravest thing you ever did

was to climb through the window

into the light.


Enderby, more than Cliffs! October 2, 2012

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When we moved to the Shuswap, my first job was in Enderby, a small town twenty minutes south of Salmon Arm.  In Grace Awakening Power, Grace and Marco hike up to the top of the Enderby Cliffs.  This Enderby tourism video gives you a good sense of the area, and the views from the cliffs.  Quite spectacular, eh?  (Watch for sudden storms!)



Salmon Arm October 1, 2012

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Here’s a nice video that shows you some of the scenery in Salmon Arm, the setting for Grace Awakening Power (and where we live, coincidentally).  How many places do you recognise from the book?




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