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Enderby, more than Cliffs! October 2, 2012

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When we moved to the Shuswap, my first job was in Enderby, a small town twenty minutes south of Salmon Arm.  In Grace Awakening Power, Grace and Marco hike up to the top of the Enderby Cliffs.  This Enderby tourism video gives you a good sense of the area, and the views from the cliffs.  Quite spectacular, eh?  (Watch for sudden storms!)



2 Responses to “Enderby, more than Cliffs!”

  1. A very nice view, and even better when she moved out of the way. What a fantastic place to live Shawn, you must love it. Something I do love is hearing the term First Nation as recognition of the original people of the area. And, the mixture of First Nation place names like Shuswap mixed with the European names. Are there the same problems with the original people as the States have after they were settled on reservations, drink problems, education problems? I’m hoping that there was more assimilation there.

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      We definitely live in a beautiful place, that’s true. Though I am definitely looking forward to visiting Wales, which is also very beautiful! My great-grandmother was from Holyhead.

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