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quotation- save yourself October 12, 2014

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“You mustn’t wait for someone to rescue you.  A girl expecting rescue never learns to save herself.  Even with the means, she’ll find her courage wanting.  Don’t be like that…  You must find your courage, learn to rescue yourself, never rely on anyone else.”

~Kate Morton in The Forgotten Garden

What do you think of this advice?  Does it get in the way of accepting help from others?


poem- mountain climbing August 29, 2013

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I thought I was at the base of the mountain, ready to start climbing,

but I realise that I am actually

at Mountain Equipment Co-op

looking for supplies.

I have to be on the mountain

ready or not

and I need ropes,

and crampons,

and carabiners.

I need to know how to climb.

I want to climb

I want to see the view from the heights

know I’ve conquered my fears

risen above

fought a good fight.

So I am heading to

the base camp, looking up,

and starting the climb,

armed with attitude




and desire.

I will climb this mountain





poem-bravery July 26, 2013

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The bravest thing you ever did

was open the door of your dark room

and invite in the light.

The bravest thing you ever did

was to believe someone could

hold you in the night.

The bravest thing you ever did

was embrace the possibility

that something might

The bravest thing you ever did

was to look through your window

and claim the sight

The bravest thing you ever did

was to climb through the window

into the light.


courage in adversity November 14, 2012

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One’s valour is in proportion to one’s fear.  The man who is always entirely unafraid can never be brave.  He has nothing to be brave about.  One can only show real courage if one is afraid.  The coward, therefore, being afraid of nearly everything, is alone capable of the highest courage . 

Barbara Leonie Picard One is One, p. 134

I know a man with several brothers and sisters.  He remembers being terrified as a child.  He was traumatized by spankings.  He remembers a lot of abuse. He is certain that he was the most beaten of all.  His siblings think he was just overly melodramatic, and that he got out of real spankings because of his hysteria.

It’s interesting, because even if it’s true that he wasn’t hit as frequently or as hard as the others were, what beatings he did receive traumatized him when the allegedly more severe spankings of his siblings didn’t bother them at all.

He was more courageous because he dealt with something that was more terrifying to him.


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