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poem- mountain climbing August 29, 2013

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I thought I was at the base of the mountain, ready to start climbing,

but I realise that I am actually

at Mountain Equipment Co-op

looking for supplies.

I have to be on the mountain

ready or not

and I need ropes,

and crampons,

and carabiners.

I need to know how to climb.

I want to climb

I want to see the view from the heights

know I’ve conquered my fears

risen above

fought a good fight.

So I am heading to

the base camp, looking up,

and starting the climb,

armed with attitude




and desire.

I will climb this mountain





6 Responses to “poem- mountain climbing”

  1. davidprosser Says:

    Whatever mountain there is, you’ll climb. xxx Hugs xxx

  2. SSMatthews Says:

    The mountain has, not always, a terminal peak, nor we the best of equipment to essay its terrible face; and still we climb, step by step we climb!

  3. Vikrant Says:

    Hi Shawn, Beautiful expression of thoughts! mountains have a great charm. With faith and perseverance one reaches the peak ultimately. here’s my experience of mountaineering.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and following it. Look forward to your posts.

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