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Remembrance Day- Eric Bogle’s And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda November 10, 2013

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Here is my other favourite Remembrance Day tune, also by Eric Bogle.  The marching in April that he refers to is for ANZAC Day which is the memorial day for Australian and New Zealand troops fighing in Gallipolli during WW1.

This video was put together by a Canadian teacher for a Remembrance Day assembly at her Middle School.  This song represents so much: Respect for those who fought.  Sadness at the loss of young lives.  Desire for peace to keep it from happening again.  Frustration that we still have war.

I remember in the 1970s when I’d go to the cenotaph with my dad, how sad it was that fewer and fewer people attended every year, but these days, it’s heart warming how large the crowds are.  So many families with small children attend, which they didn’t when I was a kid.  I was used to being the only young person there, aside from the cadets .

Enjoy this one.  It’s poignant, powerful, and beautiful.



15 Responses to “Remembrance Day- Eric Bogle’s And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda”

  1. I was curious. Tomorrow is Veterans Day in America where we celebrate living Veterans and on May 30th is Memorial when we honor the sacrifices of our men and women in Military Service who gave their lives. In Europe, Australia & Canada are these two military observances one day as opposed to two separate holidays?

    As a U.S. Army Veteran I know I can get free meals provided I bring my DD Form 214. I served in the U.S. Army from 1977 to 1981, 569th PSC and 101st Airborne Div. I was a 75D ~ Personnel Records Specialist.


    • I know in Australia and New Zealand they commemorate ANZAC Day in April, with special ANZAC biscuits and parades. I’m not sure if they do anything for November 11th or for living service personnel.

      Here in Canada we commemorate our deceased veterans on November 11th at 11 a.m. We have services, parades, and lay wreaths at the community cenotaphs. We do not have any special occasions to celebrate serving or retired veterans.

  2. kiwiskan Says:

    but this one is so sad…

  3. Good to see an Australian song used this way Shawn. Just recently I used it in one of own classes. Today being the 11th here we had Remembrance Ceremonies all around the country.
    Do you know his No Man’s Land song as well?

  4. wbdeejay Says:

    Yes indeed. Lest we forget. Glad to hear of your remembrance observances.

  5. Yes, I knew this was your other favorite! :o)) Thanks for your comments on my blog. I wrote the short poem on there on Rememberance Day 11/11/1973,
    I hope you don’t mind if I share another of my poems with you, written for our ANZAC Day in 2008 with the same sentiment:

    ANZAC Day

    And we will remember them,
    brave soldiers all

    who raised the trumpet
    and answered the call,

    marched in straight lines
    to the war, in tin hats.

    How many, these days,
    have the courage for that?

    Can we take heed and listen,
    learn lessons or care?

    And never send our young people
    to die ‘over there’?

    Frances Macaulay Forde © 2008

  6. pdlyons Says:

    brings tears to my eyes no matter who sings it.

  7. irinadim Says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Yes, in Australia we commemorate November 11 as you do in Canada.

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