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Confessions July 7, 2017

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I am at a poetry retreat, and I have just realized I haven’t posted any new poetry in ages!  Here is one that was prompted by discussion around the table last night.


Men are afraid that women will laugh at them.

Women are afraid that men will kill them

~ Margaret Atwood



she is laughing

at his wizened, flapping sword

Ever appreciative

it is not slashing, slicing, dividing

head from heart.


Impalement is not a virtue in itself

ecstacy can take or leave it.


She desires his desire,

not his possession.


poem-labels February 27, 2016

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She is nestled up against him

waiting for the whispered words

of adoration, desire.

He sighs contently, and tells her

she is cuddly.

That sounds like a teddy bear she says.

He pulls her closer, nuzzling into her neck,

but a single tear rolls down her cheek.


poem-longing February 9, 2016

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Every minute that I wait for you

I will be longing for your arms

for the solace of your comfort

for the tenderness of your lips

While I am driving home

I will be wishing to have arrived.

You may not believe it’s true

but I always long to be with you.



poem- cooking October 15, 2015

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the expression of distraught incredulity

on the dog’s face as

a tantalizing utensil travels above his head

on the way to the sink,

instead of to his dish.


quote-Jim Butcher on magic May 31, 2015

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Magic is all in your head, all about two things, imagination and will.  You have to focus on your desired outcome and you have to have the will to make it happen.

~Jim Butcher in Dresden Files, Welcome to the Jungle

Sounds like hard work and passion is magic, doesn’t it?  Hmm.  He might be onto something here.


poem-dance March 29, 2015

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The music echoes through her bones

throbbing heart beat,

quivering quavers,

filling feet with rhythm.

Eyes scanning for possibilities,

Whose arms will encircle her?

Will he be the one to enfold her,

entwine their bodies,

make her sway

under his percussion?

She watches and wonders,

Shall she dance?




(Inspired by Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez tonight)


poem-spell February 6, 2015

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Magic dances on your finger tips;

You transform the day.

Enchantment unwinds in glistening threads

and tangles between us.

Your spell has ensnared me,

but I’ll never tell that the gleam in my eyes

came from a cauldron of your promises.


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