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poem-dance March 29, 2015

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The music echoes through her bones

throbbing heart beat,

quivering quavers,

filling feet with rhythm.

Eyes scanning for possibilities,

Whose arms will encircle her?

Will he be the one to enfold her,

entwine their bodies,

make her sway

under his percussion?

She watches and wonders,

Shall she dance?




(Inspired by Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez tonight)


7 Responses to “poem-dance”

  1. Dance as if no one is watching!

  2. Kayo Says:

    Strong imagery in “the music echoes through her bones”. Weldone

  3. That eyes should chance – on sweet summer eve’s ball –
    to meet midst the gala stance – and others young – yet fall
    upon thee, such lovely retreat – ‘twixt merry dancers sweet –
    thine own eyes searching, searching – to see mine – ….
    in the distant away – yet I have danced with you always –
    in my mind……

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