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poem- were November 1, 2014

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It was woven

like light

dappling between the leaves

of our maple tree,

your voice, soft in memory,

searching for the heart of me.


It was woven

like lithe

subtleties between the grease

of our maigre feast,

your voice, lost in murmurings

purging forth our history.


It was woven

like life

sampling between the griefs

of our marble stele

your voice, wafts in every

yearning it exhorts of me.



I may be stretching your vocabulary with this one!  Here’s some help:

maigre- religious diet without the flesh or juice of animals

stele- pillar, marker, tombstone (pron. like STEEL-y)


poem- triage July 19, 2014

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Are you breathing?

Are you beating?

Are you bleeding?

Are you broken?



Heart pounding

Blood surging

In pieces


Do they






poem- half a year June 14, 2014

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Six months ago

you were fighting to play pickle ball

laughing on the small court

stretching your racket to hit the ball

stumbling and crashing onto the court,

filling your head with

flashing white fireworks,

exploding star bursts.


you are fighting for two more weeks

laughing with guests in the small room,

stretching your life to see your children

stumbling and crashing against time

filling your belly with fluid,

flashing white pain

imploding your life




For Auntie Linda


poem-dysmorphia May 19, 2014

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In the mirror

the girl is slender,

waist defined

perfect proportions.

In the photograph

the girl is round,

an hour glass balloon

widely distorted.


In the mirror

the girl is round

an hour glass balloon,

widely distorted.

In the photograph

the girl is wraith-like

ribs defined.

Such visual contortions!



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