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invocation: peace November 9, 2016

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We have been shattered into pieces

divisive patter has demeaned us

Let’s commit to redeem peace around us.

In this room

In this city,

Let our faith bloom in the gritty places

Among all creeds and races.

Let our Rotary service

shine to all who observe us.



For free use within Rotary.  Please give acknowledge Shawn Bird of Shuswap Rotary as the author when you present the invocation.  Please also leave a message for her in the comments so others know where and when this invocation has been used.


13 Responses to “invocation: peace”

  1. Service is the most basic act.

  2. I commit to having peace within and around me. Beautiful poem. Blessed be.

  3. Renata Barnwell Says:

    Rotary Club of Monterey invocation 7-13-2017- Thank you!

  4. Bret Cross Says:

    Appropriate for this time of media hysteria. Using as the invocation for Bakersfield West Rotary 08-23-2017

  5. Nancy Merrill Says:

    Thank you for your excellent, heartfelt examples of ways to invoke Rotarians to their work at their meetings. I am Christian/Catholic, and a new member of Rotary, but have found the constant “Christian” based invocations to be exclusive of some in our group who profess no established faith. They are quiet, but on the one time I was asked to do the invocation and gave a brief non-denominational one, I was thanked by those two individuals. I hope to bring some of your words and sentiments to our Rotary – and I won’t wait now to be ‘asked’, I will volunteer. You have given me confidence! I just wish I could figure out how to print them out to have with me!

    • I am pondering compiling them into a book. I would make a downloadable pdf with payment benefiting the Rotary Foundation. It will require a year of conscientious creating of invocations for each month of the Rotary year, plus special Rotary occasions.

  6. John Martin Says:

    Birmingham Sunrise Rotary – Birmingham, AL
    February 9, 2021

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