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poem-MIA October 9, 2019

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I keep checking the email

Certain I’ve missed notification.

Maybe it’s time to accept

I missed the mark.  Vexation.

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride

is better than missing the celebration.

When you’re sure this is the one,

anticipation’s crushed by negation.



poem- today October 13, 2016

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This is my only today

One opportunity to be

One chance to choose my way

One day to seize opportunities

This is my only today


This path is not the only way

I may choose other vistas to see

I may have new speeches to say

I may see what’s ugly beautifully

That path is not the only way.


poem-beaming August 16, 2016

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The moon is a street light

dimming the gleam of stars

while amphibian love songs

fill the summer night.


poem- opportunities June 16, 2016

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I’ll never know

if I hide below

if I never go

beyond the flow.


poem- savings November 18, 2015

When Brianna asked why the Brits have such horrible toilet paper,

“Hearts of oak are our men,” Roger intoned, “stainless steel are their bums. It builds the national character.”

Diana Gabaldon in
Dragonfly in Amber

The government is loudly raving

school districts must  search for savings!

As they replaced all our paper dispensers

with giant boxes, our sphinxters grew tenser

The paper that’s extruded, (please trust this fact)

is a complete and absolute pain on the ass.

We’ve had to get tougher as the years go by

but this toilet paper, with its single thick, crispy ply,

is taking it a step too far.   If *Christie’s contract wasn’t enough,

You’re scraping us raw.  Yeah.  These days teaching is rough.

The government doesn’t seem to register

we don’t need to have stronger character!


true story  :-/

* Christie Clark is the current Premier of BC, and former Minister of Education.  Teachers dislike her for her destruction and defunding of education in BC.


poem-yawn October 21, 2015

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What a day, so much fun

but energy reserves are done

I drag myself into the house

wrap my arms around my spouse

Write you a poem, and then I’m gone

heading to bed with a jaw cracking yawn.


Poem- cause a scene! June 27, 2015

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(For Des- ERS’s social justice queen!)


Let’s all cause a scene.

Rock the boat.

Let’s all convene.

Cut out that throat.

Let’s burst a spleen.

Cast the deciding vote.

Let’s careen around corners

demean the disorder.

It’s not mean, it’s justice,

to cause a scene!


poem-story sorry May 31, 2015

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I’m caught in a story

I can’t come out;

I’ll say I’m sorry.


I must stay and read

this day away,

Not really sorry to be

in need of story


poem-with alacrity May 30, 2015

(for DG)  🙂

In whatever capacity

you deal with animousity,

develop a good strategy

to sort out dreaded calumny,

then avoid falling into laxity

and resolve it with alacrity!



Another poem dedicated (with tongue in cheek) to Outlander author, Diana Gabaldon.  The phrase ‘with alacrity’ appears frequently in Outlander, and whenever it does I shout enthusiastically “WITH ALACRITY!” and chuckle.  (Alacrity means haste, FYI).  It’s silly, but it is not much different than throwing boxes of KD at a Barenaked Ladies concert or toast during Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Neither of which I’ve done, unfortunately, so I have to settle with shouting to a book.  Kind of sad, really.)  😉


poem for #napowrimo- fourteener April 3, 2015

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So, I was asked how marriage lasts, how years flow into years?

Oh, I was asked how marriage lasts, how do you move past fears?

Yes, I was asked how marriage lasts, how can you trust that long?

When I was asked how marriage lasts, I pondered what goes wrong.

I think how long a marriage lasts is not about romance

It’s much more: it’s faith and trust and determined acceptance.

It’s about having the faith that no matter what fate brings

You’re sticking together like the promise made on those rings



This prompt was for a poem with lines of fourteen syllables, ideally in iambic heptameter.  My iambs are a complete mess, but here’s what I’ve got! 🙂


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