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poem-self-medicating October 7, 2022

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Let’s write a poem.
Let’s open up and spill our guts.
Let’s write a poem.
Let’s grab the words, create a tome.
Let’s reveal all of what is what.
Let’s stitch together all the cuts.
Let’s write a poem.


This is a RONDELET. The poem form has 7 lines. The refrain on lines 1, 3, and 7 is 4 syllables; the rest of the lines are 8 syllables. Rhyme scheme is ABAaBBA (where ‘a’ rhymes with the refrain).


Poem-Independence June 14, 2021

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Related to a current meme about why people were more afraid of the women labelled as witches than of the slanderers and murders who killed them…

(Another rondelet. I’m having fun with them).

That witching vibe
Independent thought? Dangerous!
That witching vibe.
Patriarchy’s foul diatribe
Thrills at the thought to injure us
Has not a fear of killing us
That witching vibe.


poem-overturning June 11, 2021

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This time it is
exactly what I want to see.
This time it is
My priorities, not his.
Whatever I want life to be,
my choices and philosophy,
This time it is.

Another rondelet. The speaker of this poem has a bit of a declaration here! 🙂 I have met quite a few women over the years who’ve fought to overturn programming and embrace their independence.


poem-releasing June 10, 2021

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I heard your name
calling to me from long ago.
I heard your name,
(Oh, that melancholy refrain!)
whispering words so soft and low,
memories I need to let go.
I heard your name.

This poetry form is called a ‘rondelet’ and plays with an A/B rhyme, lines of 4/8 syllables, and a repeated refrain (as you can see!).


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