Shawn L. Bird

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the fundamental fiction July 13, 2013

In love with a fictional character?


Don’t you know that


objects of our desire

are fundamentally fictional?


is a time of great performance,

convincing the other,

showing the best face,

doing things you’ve never done

(and won’t do again)

pretending you love each moment

to impress the object of your desire.

Love is always


We love what we wish

it to be.

If we’re lucky,

when rose lenses are lost,

what we created in dream

bears enough

resemblance to reality

that truth

becomes better

than fiction.



In response to a Tweet about all the wild Outlander fans in a tizzy about Jamie Fraser coming to life.  I was thinking how we fictionalize real people all the time.


24 Responses to “the fundamental fiction”

  1. Johnny Ojanpera Says:

    This is the essence of wisdom. Well said. 🙂

  2. tjtherien Says:

    interesting thought here… and there is truth to it… going to have to mull this one over… nice poem

  3. Garry Ventura Says:

    This is sooooo true… I love it! In those early days of dating, no one is real. It’s all an act to deceive the other into love. Then the sad part is those days, and the true inner person comes out. And ultimately the so called relationship ends. Sad world we live in, NO? lol

  4. justme792 Says:

    It’s so true ^^
    Sometimes this beautiful fictional dreams are all we have. It can be a huge disappointment if the truth eventually comes out, and the bubble bursts. But yet we keep believing in this fiction – I’m no exception to that… 😉 Without some fiction and dreams, the world we live in would be pretty boring, don’t you think? 😉

    • You know, I have so many single friends who have such unrealistic expectations, they can only live in their dreams. No human could be what they want. I am ridiculously thankful that I married so bizarrely young to a deeply honourable man! I avoided so much crap.

  5. summerstommy2 Says:

    So true Shawn. So beautifully put. Loved it.

  6. ettis Says:

    Profound. Does love also mean seeing flaws as strengths?

  7. lalarukh1 Says:

    wow very well written and so true !! You have used beautiful words ! Loved it 🙂 xx

  8. It is interesting to note that the original definition of “religion” was imply “Wisdom.” Add to that the notion that, if we did not already know the answers to life, we could not understand someone else communicating to us. There is in living a grand illusion going on: we may be the creators of all we sense and see.

  9. ravencandor Says:

    I loved this poem. It reminds me of a friend of mine who is always living in a fantasy of what she believes should be and who she wants people to be. She then becomes disappointed when her visions of what should be are not reality.

  10. H. Ken Abell Says:

    What a great observation — and such a well written poem. I enjoyed this immensely!

  11. I say wave the magic wand and let your magic grace the landscape. Keep putting it there and it will soon enough be there.

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