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haiku- winter night February 12, 2019

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Silent winter night

Snow falling peacefully ’til

the plough comes scraping.


poem- drifting December 10, 2018

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Snow flakes drift by,

washing the world white.

Cold drips down my neck,

scarf scratching,

steps slipping,

breath billows in small clouds,

miniature factories.

Trudge through the flakes

filling the sky,

painting a picture of

a world wiped clean.




poem-when? April 1, 2018

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Oh winter!

Release your tenacious grip!

Quit dripping this mix

of snow and rain,

that piles up in my yard.

It’s making me insane!

It’s April now, and white

should be from blossoms,

not snow falls; this isn’t right!

Oh, winter, we’re through with you here;

go visit the Southern hemisphere!


NaPoWriMo 2018 #1


haiku-still March 12, 2018

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Diva Winter grips

her sequined white cloak. Clinging,

while we wish for Spring.


poem- dusting December 1, 2017

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Falling from the sky

in perfect crystals,

dusting trees, fields, and me

with peace of the season.


Falling through the screen,

pixilated dots

dusting poetry

with peace of the season.


(Every year on Dec 1, it begins to snow on my blog.  It makes me ridiculously happy every time!  If you would like snow to fall in your blog, add it in your settings.)



poem-tricked November 21, 2017

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That sunny day


Promises of warmth.

Such trust to place

in rays,

those sparkling

reflections on the snow.





poem- boots March 22, 2017

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The boots are on.

Laced up tight.

Little Xs pulling things together

(Are those hugs or kisses?)

No matter.

When you’re giving winter the boot,


is a good message to wear.

20170322_154305[1] Miracles Logan boots  from the “Narrative of the Grey Boot Quest” blog post.

I always feel slightly super powered when I wear these boots, though I can’t wear them if I’m running late for work since it takes 4 minutes per boot to lace them up!  🙂



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