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poem- uh oh November 6, 2019

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I am dissolving










poem- slow January 4, 2017

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I’m moving through molasses

going slowly,

thinking like my thoughts are spilled ink

too dark to decipher.

Winter weather draws the sky closer,

closeting us in cloud,

so much white is blinding.

Days are short, but oh, so, slow

and cold.




poem-too exhausted March 2, 2016

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Too exhausted to care

whether the sensitive child is traumatized

by my insistence that she complete the

assignment as required.

Too exhausted to laugh

at the absurdity of end of term panic

after six weeks of poor attendance and disorganization.

Too exhausted to do more

than get through the day myself,

with nothing left for under-achievers who think

I should go over and above for them.

Too exhausted today to care

more about student success they they do.

There’s always tomorrow.




poem-flocked absence February 5, 2016

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The world is flocked white

and I stretch my toes searching for your lingering warmth.


It’s slow on the road today,

highway’s slick and I wish I could take a sick day.


The world is flocked white

like it’s powdered me on the trees; I’m empty.


The world is flocked white

I want to abrogate responsibility and hibernate.




poem-ill October 22, 2015

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Sickness weighs heavy

body aches as if it is encased in cement

limbs do not want to move,

throat scratches,

eyes droop,

incision throbs,

skin shivers.

Every part of me weighed down

and longing to fall into sleep.




I’m definitely coming down with something!  Yesterday I was falling asleep at 8 p.m.  Tonight it wasn’t even 6 p.m.  Good night!


poem-yawn October 21, 2015

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What a day, so much fun

but energy reserves are done

I drag myself into the house

wrap my arms around my spouse

Write you a poem, and then I’m gone

heading to bed with a jaw cracking yawn.


poem-rolling February 1, 2015

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I rolled into the room

delighted with engagement,



I rolled out of the room

on a high.

I rolled into the house

fell into my bed

and took fifteen hours

to recover from

intellectual curiosity.



Had my first big outing since I’ve been laid up with my broken ankle.  I was out 6 hours for medical appointment, grad school workshop, and transportation.  It was wonderful to talk to folks more erudite than my dogs, but apparently it was exhausting!  The ankle wasn’t thrilled, either.  I won’t be doing it again for a few weeks!



poem-drain September 23, 2014

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Like tepid water

we’re floating in

the faintest current,

flowing toward

a trickling drain

that empties

us into hollow


in evening.



poem- done September 19, 2014

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poem-tired August 1, 2014

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I need new pyjamas.

The effort of hunting through stores

hurts my head.

I have fabric, thread, pattern

and machines.

It’d only take an hour to make,

But just taking

the serger out of the box

seems too great a challenge.

I think finishing my last novel

was more exhausting than

it seemed.


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