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poem- weathering May 31, 2019

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Blue sky

Slight breeze

Rocking of the lounge

Toss the dog’s ball

Feel summer approach.

Thunder in the south

Booming concussion shakes the land

Storm brewing

Run or

Hold fast?


poem- ominous February 7, 2017

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The sky could not be bluer

turquoise and ocean and bright summer day

captured on the snow piled like icing on the trees,

but on the horizon

a wall of charcoal grey

hints at a blizzard on its way.

I watch through the window and hope

I’m home before it hits.


poem- waiting February 3, 2017

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The ground hog said spring was coming

but the snow falling outside my window

begs to differ.


poem- slow January 4, 2017

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I’m moving through molasses

going slowly,

thinking like my thoughts are spilled ink

too dark to decipher.

Winter weather draws the sky closer,

closeting us in cloud,

so much white is blinding.

Days are short, but oh, so, slow

and cold.




poem- ominous omnipotence November 24, 2016

The clouds sink

obscuring hills with billows:

silver, grey, charcoal, black.

Heavy clouds in cold air

ready to coat the highway with danger.

We gaze out our windows

wondering whether we’ll get home before

the first storm of this winter.


poem-grey May 19, 2016

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Air is heavy with promise

Damp foretelling

Clouds in turmoil

Change coming.


poem-early spring February 2, 2016

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The ground hog says

it will be early spring

but even if he did not,

the blue sky and balmy breeze

today asserted its own opinion.


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