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poem- weathering May 31, 2019

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Blue sky

Slight breeze

Rocking of the lounge

Toss the dog’s ball

Feel summer approach.

Thunder in the south

Booming concussion shakes the land

Storm brewing

Run or

Hold fast?


poem-storm June 8, 2017

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Another storm warning.

Cotton clouds turn into coal smoke,

Flashes splice the sky.

We’re drenched by pelting rain,

until it blows by again.

Wouldn’t it be nice

if the newscaster flashed

storm warnings

about flashes of temper

and drenching tears,

so we knew to stay indoors

or prepare our rain gear?


poem- ominous omnipotence November 24, 2016

The clouds sink

obscuring hills with billows:

silver, grey, charcoal, black.

Heavy clouds in cold air

ready to coat the highway with danger.

We gaze out our windows

wondering whether we’ll get home before

the first storm of this winter.


poem-stormy July 14, 2016

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Lightning has sliced the sky

forced apart air until the earth

is shaking with fear of it.


poem-white November 16, 2015

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Streaks of white flash past my windshield

like I’m entering hyper-space,

hoping not to be hit by space debris

(or other cars)

’cause that’d end my trip real quick, wouldn’t it?

No one really likes  driving the highway home

through a snowstorm.

Where’s Han Solo when you need him?


poem-changes October 11, 2015

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The rain has stopped

Thunder in October?

The world has changed.

The wind blows off the dead,

flings pieces of forest in a mad dance

to burial & rebirth.


poem-waving September 20, 2015

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Between the slats of the Venetian blinds,

I see outside the window, to frenzied frolicking

blue spruce bouncing

pine tree pirouetting

maple making waves

beneath a grey sky

dancing in time to my wind chime’s tune.


haiku storm August 31, 2015

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rippling waves

sparkling with emerald, peridot, citrine

storm tossed tree.


poem-seas October 24, 2014

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Skin ripples

Head surges

Stomach rolls

Body is a stormy sea.


poem-night light August 20, 2014

All evening

the hills have been

illuminated by a

laser light show,

and now

the skies are


white mist

hides the hills,

enfolding us

as the heavens

flash and crash



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