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poem-seas October 24, 2014

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Skin ripples

Head surges

Stomach rolls

Body is a stormy sea.


poem-migraine August 3, 2014

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Claws in the hall,

a staccato jack hammer,

burrow into my brain.

The A/C unit

roars and reverberates

in my skull.

Dull morning light

pierces through my eyelids

burning like a laser.

A storm roils

in my stomach washing up waves of

star studded agony.

Heat washes over, steam rises.

A freezing blizzard follows.

Desperately I seek

the peaceful

oblivion of sleep.




(Not having a good day!)


Migraine June 20, 2010

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a gleam in the distance
a vice on the temples
a tempest in the stomach
an echoing in the ears
an agony in the light

an explosion in my head

© Shawn Bird 2010


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