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poem-squish November 2, 2018

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The band around the head



lost ideas,

press in,

squish out.

Opportunities extruded

and left behind.



(Expect more than a few concussion related poems this month)


poem- holding May 9, 2015

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Your hands

grip your head,

hide your hurt,

hold that history

in your hands.


poem- simmering October 3, 2014

Wake with the head ache.

Set willow bark shavings

simmering on the stove

fifteen minutes to a rich russet hue.

Steep for an hour, salicin leeching.

Sip all day the natural medicine.

Heal the head.




While I am a terrible gardener (I have no patience, and forget to water) I am intrigued with botanical medicines.  In Outlander, the character of Claire is an expert in this area, and author Diana Gabaldon has studied thoroughly to make her books accurate.  One of Claire’s stand-by medicines is willow bark tea, so when I saw willow bark for sale at the local health food store, I had to give it a try.  It’s not bad tasting (just like willow smells, if that makes sense) and it does sooth a head ache, as well as keeping you hydrated.


ouch April 26, 2013

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head in vice

waves of fire engulf me,

then ebb, and I’m left drenched

boiling in my skin

head in vice



I’m home sick today.  This is why.  😦  These debilitating waves have been coming all morning.  It’s horrible.  I was in bed until noon, when the need for pain killer forced me to move.  It is not pretty.  I hope you’re having a much better day!


Migraine June 20, 2010

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a gleam in the distance
a vice on the temples
a tempest in the stomach
an echoing in the ears
an agony in the light

an explosion in my head

© Shawn Bird 2010


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