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ouch April 26, 2013

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head in vice

waves of fire engulf me,

then ebb, and I’m left drenched

boiling in my skin

head in vice



I’m home sick today.  This is why.  😦  These debilitating waves have been coming all morning.  It’s horrible.  I was in bed until noon, when the need for pain killer forced me to move.  It is not pretty.  I hope you’re having a much better day!


24 Responses to “ouch”

  1. tjtherien Says:

    hope you feel better soon

  2. jhosack87 Says:

    The feeling of boiling in my skin … has led me to fully connect with this poetry.

  3. insaneowl Says:

    The best poetry is written when in pain.
    Get well soon.

  4. Don Sansbury Says:

    Wait…did I do right in liking this post? I did like the poem, sorry about your pain.

  5. j4n Says:

    Be well…always

  6. RoSy Says:

    Oh buuu… Get better soon.

  7. Helena Hann-Basquiat Says:

    Just stumbled here, discovered your blog, only to find you’ve got a headache. Poor dear, do make sure to keep lots of lonelyTylenol handy. I like the bookends of “head in vice” in this poem — I assume this was intentional? Also, I love your picture – great hair, darling! Do drop by sometime for a laugh.

  8. Rich Devlin Says:

    I get it. Living with pain. Hope it lifts soon and you can write with relief.

  9. I feel mean ‘liking’ this post. Poor Shawn. I hope you feel better soon sweetie and get back to your usual good form. Huge Hugs xxxx

  10. Catherine Johnson Says:

    Awh feel better soon

  11. Sorry to have met you on a day so glum, hope you feel better soon. I am happy that you like my post, so I’m saying thank you for stopping by.

  12. yeoldefoole Says:

    omg please take good care of yourself!

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