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poem-men-oh-pausssse July 2, 2015

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In the heat

her fingers sizzle from inside out

raising an ocean on her forehead

rivers racing down her back,

internal pressure steam driven engine

hissing irritably

summer outside

summer inside


poem- retirement project May 5, 2015

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That old shell of a van

might make a fun project for you.

Just think, when it’s done

you can make out in the back with a hot chick,

or at least a chick with hot flashes.



ouch April 26, 2013

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head in vice

waves of fire engulf me,

then ebb, and I’m left drenched

boiling in my skin

head in vice



I’m home sick today.  This is why.  😦  These debilitating waves have been coming all morning.  It’s horrible.  I was in bed until noon, when the need for pain killer forced me to move.  It is not pretty.  I hope you’re having a much better day!


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