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poem- I saw a shooting star August 29, 2022

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I saw a shooting star


Last night

while letting out the dog:

a streak across the sky.

The dog squatted in the grass while

A weary  traveler burned through our


My upward glance made me a witness

and I must say, that meteor’s end

made midnight


poem- it’s raining May 6, 2020

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I’m chilled to the bone.

I wish for a wood stove:

that crackle and flash,

heat that sinks in deep,

defines cozy comfort,

makes me want to sleep.

I can hear my mother,

If you’re cold, put on a sweater!

I want a wood stove:

the summer scent on  logs,

I want

warm feet on a hassock,

hot cup of tea,

well-written mystery.

Fine, Mother.

I’ll get a sweater, too.



poem-touch January 21, 2018

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This gripping agony

squeezes me thoroughly.

All that exists are those few

square inches,

shrieking at me.

I see the ripples of this pain

on my brows, crossing vision.

The world has shrunk into a tiny piece

of me.










poem- roots December 19, 2017

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And what of you?

Do dark mornings creep around your heart

Reaching through night

Pushing past sight to wrap you tightly

In tomorrow?

What of you?

Your lonely walk, your feet tapping

On cobblestones in ancestral towns,

tripping on the roots of the family tree;

calamity or peace?

I see the dream

That’s you.


poem-odd August 27, 2016

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I remember the Christmas

she gave me

a set of hotel toiletries

from her vacation to Portugal.

Gold embossed tiny burgundy bottles




and an elegantly packaged

shower cap.

Should we have known

there was something

wrong with her



poem-no February 12, 2016

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Golden hair

Bright eyes

Longing for him



Whispers to him

Photo please








Dreams die.

Wishing wanes.

Eyes cry.




I created the first draft of this on the whiteboard as a free verse sample for my creative writing class.  Some of them are *really* afraid of poetry!


poem- valley June 8, 2015

We’re nestled here between the hills

protected from the harsh winds

warm and basking by the lake.

But you are bored,

you’re ready to escape,

to see what lies beyond the valley

and so we wave farewell

knowing after adventure,

home calls the blood.


poem- suspended September 22, 2014

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I am


between breath,

hovering within a moment,

alive in every cell,

dying a small death

until I’m inhaling





poem- time travelling July 6, 2014

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For my eighteenth birthday

He wrote me a song.

Flutes and strings danced

in my honour,

a musical farewell,

recorded on cassette.

I filled the rest of the tape

with a treasury of captured moments:

His playing, my laughter,

melancholy dreams.

All synthesized on

The Lost Tape.


Years of wondering where it went.


Today.  My birthday

I picked up an empty cassette case,

and it was not empty.

The case showed my face,

listed harp tunes by me, but inside

not me:

Ancient history.

A birthday present

from eighteen year old me

to middle-aged me,

magnetic taped


for time-travelling.



I feel inclined to add a photo, which I probably will remove later, so enjoy it while it’s here.  The composer of the song, compiler of the cassette, my grad escort.  Me at 18.  (I had just been swimming, excuse the hair). 😉



poem- after June 25, 2014

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After he came to her bed

she threw out her make up,

grew her hair over her face,

and zipped up a blubber suit.

After he came to her bed

she faded into a gossamer ghost,

hidden in plain sight.



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