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poem- after June 25, 2014

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After he came to her bed

she threw out her make up,

grew her hair over her face,

and zipped up a blubber suit.

After he came to her bed

she faded into a gossamer ghost,

hidden in plain sight.



poem- unfinished Canadian joke June 5, 2014

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On the side of the highway:

a body of thick fur and flat leathery tail.

Why did the beaver cross the road?

I guess we’ll never know.



poem- eviction May 28, 2014

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The ospreys

have reclaimed their

towering nesting boxes

evicting squatting

Canada Geese.

Their raptor eyes

study the horizon

and I wonder

if they raptured

over goose eggs.



A corollary to an earlier post:

One commenter was concerned about goslings hurting themselves falling out of the nesting platforms.  That was the least of their worries, apparently.


poem- last May 27, 2014

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You are the quiet voice

who never asks for help.

You struggle to work it out while

the loud kids,

the needy kids,

the busy kids

demand the teacher’s time.

You never cause a stir

so you are rarely served

when funding’s cut

and more needs surround you.

The teacher will

always get to you last

if she can get to you

at all.

We’re not okay with that.

But the government

says teachers

are just greedy.


poem- mowing stereotypes May 26, 2014

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The skinny old lady,

grey hair twisted into a bun,

leathery skin, artfully wrinkled,

roars around her yard

in her bikini top,

mowing in the rain.


poem- sign May 22, 2014

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Out front the high school

Each morning,

A man stands,

Bearing above his head a

One word pronouncement.

Watching parents leaving

Their children,

Teachers driving in,

He tilts his sign to catch

All eyes.

Morning after morning:


Each day I ponder

His cryptic word.

Is it protest

or encouragement?

Prayer ?

for kids

   to be attentive?

   to do their homework?

   to embrace their learning opportunity?

   to have supportive homes?

Prayer for staff

   to be patient?

   to be available?

   to see what needs to be seen?

   to do what needs to be done?

It’s not such a terrible reminder,

for anyone,

whatever the motivation.


poem- change May 15, 2014

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I would name you

Summer Sun,.

gift you with warm days,



I would take away your darkness,

fill you with light,

give your words flight,

embrace hope

in your future.


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