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poem- last May 27, 2014

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You are the quiet voice

who never asks for help.

You struggle to work it out while

the loud kids,

the needy kids,

the busy kids

demand the teacher’s time.

You never cause a stir

so you are rarely served

when funding’s cut

and more needs surround you.

The teacher will

always get to you last

if she can get to you

at all.

We’re not okay with that.

But the government

says teachers

are just greedy.


14 Responses to “poem- last”

  1. Gavin Says:

    All too true.

  2. mihrank Says:

    Your last poem is like beautiful melody.

  3. simonfalk28 Says:

    Beautiful poem, Shawn. I was one of those kids at school. You have given us a voice. Thank you.

  4. sean2lovedee Says:

    I am the one of whom you speak. thank you for the read

  5. So very real Shawn, nicely written!

  6. WildBlueCoast Says:

    Simple and truthful. It is what we experience each day at work. Just finishing up year 27 as a science instructor down her on the Oregon Coast. Always nice to meet an molder of dreams. Cheers

    • Oh, I love the Oregon Coast! We spent a week in a cottage south of Newport Beach a couple of years ago. So pretty.

      • WildBlueCoast Says:

        Newport is a great place to vacation… I have not had the pleasure of spending much time in BC other than on Vancouver Island… I hope to in the future… We are bit more isolated / remote down here on the southern coast and don’t get as many travelers but it makes for some great beach solitude… Best to you in your teaching!

      • Thank you. We are in south central BC, half way between Vancouver and Calgary on the TransCanada Highway, amid mountain lakes and trees. This means less rain, and a different kind of beauty.

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