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poem-smoke September 1, 2014

You are smoke

You wind your lies

Through the crowds

Til they are choking and gasping

Then you fade away and

blame the sick

that they are ill.




Just in case you’re tired of my Teachers’ Strike posts, here’s one that, while I know is about the strike and the misrepresentations of government spin doctors, at least it seems as if it could be about a variety of situations. 🙂


poem- last May 27, 2014

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You are the quiet voice

who never asks for help.

You struggle to work it out while

the loud kids,

the needy kids,

the busy kids

demand the teacher’s time.

You never cause a stir

so you are rarely served

when funding’s cut

and more needs surround you.

The teacher will

always get to you last

if she can get to you

at all.

We’re not okay with that.

But the government

says teachers

are just greedy.


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