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poem- symphony of agony January 11, 2015

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This pain is a discordant symphony.

Percussion throbs a bass in the bone.

Piccolo dances of sensation up and down the leg.

Trumpet blasts explode out from the ankle.

Bassoon wails all along the incision site.

Kettle drum beats defiantly deep in the ankle bone. Dum. Dum.  Dum.

Oboe whines a strident screech, vibrating muscle.

Cello squeezes, squeezes, squeezes low notes of agony.

Oh pain, go away; return my body to harmony.


32 Responses to “poem- symphony of agony”

  1. topazo Says:

    Beautiful…nice imagery
    Ironic how something as soothing as music is used to depict pain…

  2. Catherine Johnson Says:

    Super poem! Love the musical metaphors.

  3. I could feel this! Great imagery….

  4. toad2014 Says:

    you;re teaching music now?

  5. Moongazer Says:

    Makes you wish there was at least a conductor, doesn’t it?!

  6. narble Says:

    This, too, shall pass. But not quickly enough, I’m sure.

  7. Jarrod C Says:

    Great use of symbolism Shawn!

  8. davidprosser Says:

    I’m there with you. Add my wails Shawn.
    xxx Hugs xxx

  9. Fine use of metaphor in this poem Shawn. My answer: drugs.

  10. Methinks the howling wind outside would add an extra dimension of pain to the mix. Hope you’re feeling better, day by day.

  11. Rajagopal Says:

    clever use of musical metaphor shawn; but the sounds described do not make for a symphony; cacophony of agony may be a better title…Raj.

    • Yeah, the cacophony of it is the key contrast. Discordant symphony is something of an oxymoron, isn’t it, if ‘symphony’ means ‘together sound’. (Discord has an interesting meaning- ‘apart hearts’).

      I heard it like the beginning of a performance when all the instruments are preparing, each playing something separate, everything jarring. Just before the concert master comes in and has everyone tune to the oboe’s Concert A everything is cacophony, then one note, and then togetherness!

  12. agarrabrant Says:

    Empathy! Been there, done that! Four times to date! Hang in there! It always gets better.

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