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poem- moon glow August 3, 2016

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Upon my chest, the moonstone pendant sits.

I gaze down at a clear rock streaked with white

and wonder what happened to the glow that

captivated me from the display case.


Busy at work,

“I’m sorry,” the lady says, “I don’t mean to stare, but

does your necklace have a light in it?”

“Yes,” another says, “I was wondering that, too.

It’s beaming from your chest!  It’s so amazing!

What kind of stone is that?”


Moonstone, you teach me a lesson:

While we are looking down at something, we may not see its potential

to reflect a glorious light.

In unexpected moments, a glow reflects what it can be.



poem- shovelling June 29, 2015

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Oh sir, your manure pile is deep!

Dung beetles are digging, they scurry and creep.

Oh sir, please stop expecting that we’re venerating

the stench that you’re generating!

Bombousity and pompousity do not disguise

what is wise, you realize?  The stench will rise

in quivering waves to the skies!

While you quip and you gloat, we see that the source

is not sheep, goat or horse; the muck’s clearly emenating

from your posterior aspect, and while some might declare

that’s your superior asset, I’m estimating the affair could use

less regulating and speculating so I’m delegating!

I’m calling the villagers, we’re gathering shovels

Enough with this sir!  Stop slathering troubles

you’ve made with this crap pile; stop being so hostile

quit wallowing in this manure of your making

and swallow this brown pie that you’ve been baking.

Enough with this hideous idiocy!

Grab a shovel and clean up.

Be part of the team.

Put a cork in the hole.

Don’t try grabbing control.

Accept your strong role:

Help us all meet our goal!



(We all know someone like this, don’t we?  Or several someones?) 😉


poem- wishes July 6, 2014

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She likes a bad boy.

She likes the attitude,

the tats,

the danger,

the rebellion,

the dissatisfaction.

She likes that he’ll cheat

on his wife with her,

plan their future,

dream with her.

That woman doesn’t

deserve him, she says,

while she wishes.

That woman doesn’t

understand him, she says,

while she wishes.

He embraces her,


When he leaves her




she’s surprised,

by all he’d revealed

to her before,

and she thinks it’s

his fault,

she’d wished.





Another sad example of, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.”


poem- Oh Christy July 5, 2014

Oh Christy,

who was the teacher

who provoked you?

Who was the teacher

who shredded your confidence,

made you feel powerless,






For surely somewhere,

you sustained a deep hurt

that is still a festering wound,

that causes you to lash out

like an injured dog,


deflecting your pain with today’s power.

Some time ago,

there was a hurt,

that we are paying for.



A counselor

would be cheaper.




It’s just a theory.  But it would explain a lot.


poem- stand up June 19, 2014

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“Why are teachers even bothering to picket,

when you aren’t getting strike pay any more?”

he asked.

I told him it was because teachers are moralists

who are defending democracy

and fair working & bargaining conditions

against a corrupt government:

A government that ignores the court rulings

spends billions of tax payers’ dollars appealing

judgments by the Supreme Court

and the United Nations saying they

are WRONG to steal from our kids.

It will pay billions for a stadium roof,

but will not pay for educating its children.

I told him that in such a war,

pay is a small thing.

We will fight, because if our government

succeeds in destroying OUR union

then every other working person in this province

is in peril.

If OUR contracts can be shredded with impunity,

so can YOURS!

We are fighting for YOUR rights

and for our students’ right to a properly funded education

against a government with an agenda

to destroy public education and the middle class.

We’re fighting for YOU! I told him.

“Oh,” he said.


poem- duck! May 2, 2014

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The men blaze the trail

boldly go forward

willing to risk

to achieve the destination.

And so today

mallard male zips across the highway

boldly flapping, barely

missing the VW missile

travelling 100 km/hr.

Not so fortunate his lady friend

flapping five feet behind.


sometimes it is unwise

to blindly follow your mate.


poem-learning to listen February 25, 2014

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A roomful

of opinions



everyone shouting

no one hears.

I think!

I believe!







Ask a question.

Listen to the answer.

Really listen.








Another poem for the very inspiring Robin with whom I teach.   So honoured to work in a school full of such amazing masters.  So wonderful to watch kids learn how diverse our world is, how full of shades of grey, how their opinions aren’t the only ones in the world.  🙂


poem- now February 6, 2014

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You’ve been waiting,



but now

it’s time to act.

Stop planning,



and do.

Face the task.

Make it happen.

Decide as you go along.

It’s time,




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