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poem-contact October 23, 2014

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Communication is so easy

Facebook, Twitter, text, phone

a million ways to message instantly:

No excuses for

your silence.



(I could also have entitled this, “Call Your Mother!”)  😉


poem- out in the rain September 15, 2014


I have patience to tolerate

your negative energy.

I can listen to your whining


without comment.

I can ignore your

ignorance, and gently

try to inform you.

But right now,

my world is a storm

of negativity, raining from

despots, thieves, and liars

who have too much power over my life.

I am holding up a very small umbrella

to hold off the stress.

If you blow that negative air at me,

you will turn my umbrella inside out

and so you’ll excuse me

if I leave you

standing in the rain

by yourself.



poem- now February 6, 2014

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You’ve been waiting,



but now

it’s time to act.

Stop planning,



and do.

Face the task.

Make it happen.

Decide as you go along.

It’s time,




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