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poem- acceptance May 30, 2019

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there is no why

there simply is.

Your body

came into the world

like this.

The cancer in your family line.

The inclination to heart disease.

That birth defect.

Desperate fear

brings joy to snake oil salesmen

who’ll tell you whatever you need to hear.

Fake healers with degrees from schools of blarney.

Double blind research shows it’s no different that a placebo.

You don’t need an expensive sugar pill;

Just accept the hope

without the hype.

Believe you will get better,

and your body will believe you,

without sharing fake cures that might kill you,

without wasted dollars in fake cures flushed

away, and if your body doesn’t accept cure,

live today.


poem-much July 22, 2016

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Too much body

Too much aching

so much to change


poem- out in the rain September 15, 2014


I have patience to tolerate

your negative energy.

I can listen to your whining


without comment.

I can ignore your

ignorance, and gently

try to inform you.

But right now,

my world is a storm

of negativity, raining from

despots, thieves, and liars

who have too much power over my life.

I am holding up a very small umbrella

to hold off the stress.

If you blow that negative air at me,

you will turn my umbrella inside out

and so you’ll excuse me

if I leave you

standing in the rain

by yourself.



poem- sad poets October 7, 2013

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So many sad poets

with melancholy eyes

savaging at their sanity

Life is brevity,


my sensitivity.


lacks pleasantries.

When brains strain

against levity

it is time to

press the anti-depressants.

Broken leg,

ruptured spleen,

brain in pain,

medicine for all.

Equal opportunity

of healing for spleen,

leg or brain.

Poets, find joy

in the rain.



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