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poem- sad poets October 7, 2013

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So many sad poets

with melancholy eyes

savaging at their sanity

Life is brevity,


my sensitivity.


lacks pleasantries.

When brains strain

against levity

it is time to

press the anti-depressants.

Broken leg,

ruptured spleen,

brain in pain,

medicine for all.

Equal opportunity

of healing for spleen,

leg or brain.

Poets, find joy

in the rain.



21 Responses to “poem- sad poets”

  1. Really nice. The ending in my opinion is one of the best parts

  2. As poets, we can– we want to– pen down our thoughts, even– maybe especially–when we are sad. Nice poem, Shawn.

  3. Jayde-Ashe Says:

    I agree, love it.

  4. vicbriggs Says:

    savaging at their sanity… loved that. Beautifully written x

  5. words4jp Says:

    A poignant piece, really. I have been thinking about this actually – my poetry is very dark. I cannot seem to find the words to express the light. I try and then stall. And i love the rain;)

  6. toriascribbles Says:

    Really nice and simple.

  7. Poetry is therapy for the tortured genius soul.

  8. Johnny Ojanpera Says:

    This hit a little close to home… Good job. ; )

  9. graceroseconnaughton Says:

    Great words, even better sentiment. just waiting for some rain now… xx

  10. Kiran Bantawa Says:


  11. I really love this!!!

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