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quote-attracting poets July 17, 2017

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From The Colour Master by Aimee Bender:

…part of trying to attract those poet-men was to look a little like I had wandered onto campus by accident after having spent 10 years with the wolves behind some farm house, living off scraps and reveling in the pure air like a half-girl Mowgli, half-woman Thoreau.” p. 76

I found this quite amusing, as I had just come from the Honeymoon Bay Poetry Retreat and had spent some time with a few poet-men.


poem- sad poets October 7, 2013

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So many sad poets

with melancholy eyes

savaging at their sanity

Life is brevity,


my sensitivity.


lacks pleasantries.

When brains strain

against levity

it is time to

press the anti-depressants.

Broken leg,

ruptured spleen,

brain in pain,

medicine for all.

Equal opportunity

of healing for spleen,

leg or brain.

Poets, find joy

in the rain.



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