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poem- planning August 4, 2017

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I’m going to…


I was going to…


I must do…




poem- exasperation November 15, 2016

Your desperation

leads me to exasperation

How many times do I tell you?

How many times did I tell you?

How many times will I tell you?

Too many.

Once more.

If you do it when you’re asked

Begin when assigned the task

You will not be desperate

and I will not exasperate.


poem-optimism April 30, 2016

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I bought a yoga block today

To help me do those trickier positions.

I have the yoga mat in a nice new case

at the top of the stairs.

I bought a couple of yoga CDs

and a stack of yoga magazines.

Occasionally I stretch my arms and think

first position of the sun salutation!

Someday, I going to turn on the CD

or go to a class

or take the block from its package.

I have faith in me.

I’ll do it.



poem-stacked January 10, 2016

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8 screws

6 boards

8 pins

wind, wind, wind, wind

wind, wind, wind, wind

push, push, push push

push, push, push, push

shelves stacked

and now book, book, book

Why did it take so long

to buy a book shelf, and clear these

stacks off the floor?



poem- accomplishments November 22, 2014

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The litany of what could be

is not as important as

what is now.

What was before

is not as important as

what is now.

For now is all

you ever have.


poem-tired August 1, 2014

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I need new pyjamas.

The effort of hunting through stores

hurts my head.

I have fabric, thread, pattern

and machines.

It’d only take an hour to make,

But just taking

the serger out of the box

seems too great a challenge.

I think finishing my last novel

was more exhausting than

it seemed.


poem- procrastination May 30, 2014

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I plainly do not wish to write

the essay I had planned tonight

Instead I filled the night with song

but at midnight I think that was wrong

No work to show for hours gone by

My eyes are sore, I’m prone to sigh

The essay will not write itself

The due day looms like Dante’s hell

I greatly fear procrastination

has thwarted my determination!

So wish me luck, just one day left

The due date rises like my stress!




I arranged a tune.  I made a video.  I did not work on my essay.  Plainly I’ve been absorbing too much from the teenagers all around me!  lol  Tomorrow is the last chance.  Wish me luck!


poem- now February 6, 2014

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You’ve been waiting,



but now

it’s time to act.

Stop planning,



and do.

Face the task.

Make it happen.

Decide as you go along.

It’s time,




Quote- Stephen King on hesitation December 22, 2013

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Quotes from Stephen King 11-22-63

 The scholars’ greatest weakness: calling hesitation research ( 282)

This is true for writers, too.  I have notes from a workshop by C. C. Humphreys about this.  The first book, you want to get everything researched, and you read and read, study and copy notes.  He says, quit researching, and get writing.  Get the first draft, then go back and focus your research to fix and fill.  If you don’t have a purpose to you research, it can go on forever.  If you are researching for something specific, you find and move on.


poem- NaNoWriMo doldrums November 6, 2013

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A month

to write

a novel

throughout the nations.

But on day 6

I already

require fibrillation.

So tired

So worn

and the end of day

My eyelids are drooping

and I think there’s no way

after pounding out emails

and working all day

I have any energy

for what writing entails.

But I’m half way through

a fun new novella

If I can just sit and type

avoid Facebook and Skype

write, write, write

then perhaps in spite

of procrastination

I’ll be able to sing

in celebration.

No need for special inspiration

just dedication to my narration.



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